Powerbox-Systems – Connectors

Pre-made extension wires are great, and can really save time whenever needed.  That said though, trying to have sufficient stock of all the different lengths needed is not easy, and even then they are still normally a bit too long or short.

Making your own can seem difficult to start with, but after just a few it becomes a matter of seconds to finish a connector, not to mention the cost saving compared to buying ready done versions.

You can buy these from many different places in different qualities, and even though the Powerbox-Systems version is obviously going to be top quality, they also have a nice feature, in the color… Being transparent, you can see exactly where the pins are, if the connector has gone in correctly, and with time, if there is a problem with any part of the connector, such as any discoloration etc…

They do need a crimping tool as well, but as a one off purchase that is not a biggie, and compared to the cost of ready made connectors, it is a worthy investment. Just don’t go with the cheapest “pliers” style crimper, as this will close but not “curl” the tabs on the connectors. A good quality version, such as the one by Powerbox is more of a ratchet type, and guarantees equal pressure and the strength giving curl!

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