OptiPower Lipos

With so many Lipo brands on the market, it is difficult to choose the right one for your next project. Most of these have somewhat unrealistic discharge ratings or are over-easy on “puffing”

Having met with good friend Dunkan Bossion at the French eXtreme Flight Championship in 2013 and saw him show absolutely no remorse for his batteries and find them to finish his flights in the same state they started off in, I was amazed.

After inquiring, and trying a number for myself, realised that these OptiPower Brand batteries actually do what they on the label! Real discharge, which results in real results, and less suffering for the actual packs themselves.

With a huge range, from relatively “low” 35C Rx packs (that actually have more punch than many 60-70c packs on the market!) to their all mighty real 50C Ultra packs, with between 100-120C peak discharge and in almost any mAh capacity.

Having used them in every type of model, from power supply to helicopters, EDF and even drones, can really say that they are a cut above any other pack that I have tried in the past.

Just look at the pilots who entrust not only their models, but competition results, to OptiPower battery packs, and wonder why they all came to the same Opti decision!

OptiPower Lipos

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