Secraft: Fuel pump

Some months ago I received the new fuel pump from Secraft.  Due to a lack of time I have only got round to installing it now, but I am pleased I have.  It looks great, and works just as you would expect.

Apart from the high quality anodized case, and the overall finish of the pump, its use is really quite simple.  With two fuel nipples for fuel in/out, a connector for the lipo, and a three position switch for Off/Fill/Drain.

It includes a support with velcro to hold the lipo, as well as a “U” shaped plate that is used to secure the pump to the fuel can.  It also uses a little velcro just to prevent it from moving once secured to the fuel can handle.

The advantage of this little fuel pump is that unlike most other fueling systems out there, it doesnt cost +250€.  This pump, which has everything you need, just needing to add a fuel tank and some tubing, costs about 99$, quite a nice saving!

There are two versions, one for gasoline/diesel/kerosene/Smoke and one just for Nitro fuel.

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