Cables and connectors

Powerbox-Systems as well as their electrical components also produce wire sets and connectors to the same high standard for us to use in our models. Most of them use smolten plastic to seal the soldered connextions as required in aviation, to assure a secure weld that can be connected and disconnected safely time and time again.

Some of their wire sets include:

-Extension leads for batteries, with Multiplex connectors

The advantage of these extensions are the connectors, which have the smelted plastic over the wld, assuring that the weld cant break or be weakened with repeated use.

-Double extention leads, with Multiplex connectors

These connections allow us to connect two totally independent servos with just one connector, taking advantage that the Multiplex connectors have 6 pins, and each servo uses just 3 each (positive, negative and signal)

As well as being very simple to make just the one connetion, this system has the added advantage of using Multiplex connectors, which are more secure than the standard Futaba/JR, and even more so with the smelted plastic ends.

-Adaptors, Futaba/JR – Multiplex
They have all types of adapters, such as this Futaba/JR to Multiplex, which has the same smelted plastic on the Multiplex end.

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