Without a Powerbox-Systems has established themselves as the world leaders for powerboxes and electrical components in this wonderful hobby. Their product range is vast and for a large variety of models, however aimed mostly at the top end of the spectrum, for large models with complex guidance systems, such as large scale aerobatic models, fast and scale jets, large gliders or ultra precise F3A models


In my opinion, the most fun planes to fly and with the best flight characteristics of any plane currently on the market. Made from wood and covered in film, they offer a very low overall weight allowing for truly breathtaking manoeuvrability and an unlimited array of tricks, from the most precise to the most aggressive and extreme.

MKS Servos

MKS only offer top end servos and those with speciality uses. With some of the most powerful servos on the market at incredible speeds, for me they are the servo to beat.
Initially focused on glider servos, they cornered that market and quickly became world champions in every category. Following on from this success they set their sights on helicopters where again they became the servo of choice for all the top pilots.


GP Engines is owned and run by well known acrobatic champion Tzu-Chu Lin (AKA “Fergie”).
Thanks to this, GP know exactly what is needed to produce an engine with really great acrobatic capabilities, with one of the worlds best pilots “in house” able to test them to the limits to assure power, reliability and great acrobatic performance.


JetCat, not much more needs to be said. They always have been and will continue being the world leaders in turbines. With amazing simplicity of install and fly, without complications or problems, just go have fun, what we all want from a turbine!


The Opti range covers everything to “feed” our models, be it with the best batteries with real “C” discharge ratings without decay or puffing up, glow fuel using only the best oils, as well as accessories such as their smoke oil range, oils for Gas and Turbine engines or cleaning products.


Electric retracts are the future, without the problems of air leaks or lack of pressure. Electron Retracts has been the first brand to produce a system using this new concept developing a truly reliable retract system that is strong, resistant and efficient, being used in ever more models.
With new setups including a gyro breaking to avoid skidding or their latest electric pistons, they really are a one stop solution to all your needs.


Revoc provide a solution that every plane needs, padded wing bags for all flying surfaces and fuselage. With simple version in a single colour and size, to fully custom made to measure and color scheme matching, take a look at their website to see what they can do!


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