JetCat: P220RXi

Having already had the JetCat P140Rx and P100Rx, when I needed a larger turbine for a very special jet, the Carf-Models J10, I knew there was only one turbine to go for. The new JetCat P220Rxi

Rxi because it has the pump and electrovalves inside the turbine. So installing the turbine is amazingly simple and clean. Just provide it with one wire going to it from the small V10 ECU, and a fuel line. Job done!

It also has a contactless starter motor (still not sure how that works, but it does!) and the option to recharge the models batteries in flight thanks to the contactless starter motor working as a generator once the turbine is running (even if I haven’t actually done this yet)

There is no getting away from the fact that it is a relatively large in size turbine, however the thrust that it produces more than makes up for this. It must be by far the most powerful turbine in its class, and that is after having travelled around and flown mostly all other brands at one point or another. No J10 punches out of a hover quite like mine does!

Definitely a turbine worth considering for your next project, and if you are building a J10 or other 3D jet, don’t even think about it, just do it!

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