JetCat: P100Rx

After having the idea to install a turbine inside (yes inside) an Airworld 4m Fox glider, and after speaking with JetCat, we considered the P100Rx to be the best option for the job.

The reason for this was the small size both of the turbine as a whole and of the exhaust port, given the small fuselage on the glider. It was all a bit of an experiment which in the end really work and the idea was scrapped.

Instead the P100Rx was installed in my Jet Model Factory Ultimatun. This turbine has to be one of the smoothest operating that I have ever seen. The smooth acceleration and the decent power for its size without really screaming gave a real feeling of being smooth and precise.

Being an Rx series turbine, the electrovalves are inside the turbine casing, reducing the number of wires and components that need to be installed throughout the model. Just install the small v10 ECU and the pump.

All in all, a very nice turbine for those slightly smaller in size or lightweight projects.

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