GP Engines

GP Engines: 123cc

My first GP was actually before it was GP, when it was TMM, an engine which I used back at the German Acro Masters 2010. Fast forward all these years and mostly all serious names in the freestyle or 3d scene choose GP.

For me it is simple, I need an engine that is reliable and powerful. I am not great with engines as anyone who knows me can verify. I am not good at tuning, finding problems, or even holding back during the flight! The GP 123cc gives me exactly that, especially when paired with my favourite carbon 27/12 propeller.

Being able to just go out and fly, as I do with my GP engines is truly a sign of a great engine.

They are also light, smooth and low in vibration, so without a doubt have become my number once choice. Just check out any of my videos and see for yourself!


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