Andes Jets – CHILE 2019

After having been away for three years, it was time to head back to Chile! This time to the Andes Jet, again with Powerbox-Systems to show off the CORE radio.

Unlike last time, we arranged for me to ship my CARF-Models J10 to the event.

On arriving, it was just like I had never been away. The friends and the field had not changed, and in no time we were flying and laughing all day long. A special thanks to Michel Durand and Pablo Tudela, who not only helped in arranging my return, but have become truly great friends.

The weather was ideal, with hot sunny weather and little to no wind, it was perfect for my light 3D jet.

Emmerich brought the first batch of CORE radios with him, ready to fulfill the first Chilean orders, to the glee of the four lucky new owners.

Responses were great, and people loved the simplicity of the menu and the fact it was already in Spanish!

The event had everything from small jets up to the Argeninian huge Boeing 747 with x4 140N turbines and we had a blast. Special mention to Fede Cereseto who made some highly acrobatic flights with his 2m Viperjet, very impressed. Watch the video and see exactly what I mean:

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