Valdepeñas – Ciudad Real 2019

Just back from Chile and it was time to head off to Valdepeñas with Raquel. Due to the short amount of time following my return, I was unable to prepare any big planes to bring with me, so it was down to small electrics just for some fun.

Fortunately, I was still offered a few flights on different fun models, including an Aviation Design Diamond, which flew perfectly until on a subsequent flight someone took off without checking that the ailerons were working… After having had the radio thrown my way, and already telling the owner that a no aileron jet wasn’t going to end well, I was pleased to manage a half decent landing, turbine off and wings level, all be it half a kilometer away and in a crop field…

Raquel flew for both her slots and mine, using loads of batteries and having a blast.

Need to do it again, but with my own planes next time!

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