Twin iGyro 3e in a Sebart Mig 3D

During my stay in India, I was asked to set up a Sebart Mig 3D, which as it was, didn’t work.

We decided to install two Powerbox-Systems iGyro 3e units (a total of 6 axis of gyro!)

The following is the setup that we used, and the result as you can see in the video, was even better than we had hoped or expected.

First iGyro 3e:

The first iGyro was installed in the conventional manner, to control the main flight surfaces (two channels for ailerons, two for elevator, and two for rudder on a Y lead)

Second iGyro 3e:

The second iGyro was installed to control the two vector thrust tubes. These had one servo dealing with side to side movement, and a further two servos dealing with up and down movement of each of the two pipes (when both servos move at the same time they act as elevators, and when they move in opposite directions then they act as ailerons.

This iGyro was set up as a “delta wing” via the BlueCom adapter, as the vector tubes have the same setup a as a standard delta model.

In this second iGyro we also activated the “Boost x4” allowing the gyro to move the thrust tubes much more when correcting any deviations.

The result, you can see for yourself. Here is a short video of the test flight and gyro test. Unfortunately we finished the model on the last day of the trip and ran out of time to test further…

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