One of the newest products by Powerbox-Systems is their Spark Switch, an electronic switch that can be used to turn on and off the power supply to other electronic devices, such as engine ignitions.

Even though there are similar products on the market, the Spark Switch is different, as it is much easier to use and set up. It is simply a case of connecting to a free receiver channel that is controlled by a switch that goes from -100% to +100%. In one direction the power is on, in the other it is off.

The power supplied to the ignition comes from a separate battery that gets disconnected when the model is turned off. It includes a voltage regulator, so it is possible to use a lipo at 7,4v and the Spark Switch reduces it to 5,9v for use on most ignitions without problems

Due to its simple operation, its installation is equally simple, just needing 4 connections:

-Signal input, from the receiver (to receive the orders of on or off)
-Power input, (ignition battery)
-Power out (to the ignition, regulated to 5,9v)
-LED out (to see the status of the Spark Switch – LED on indicates that the switch is in the “On” position, and therefore the ignition is receiving power)

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