A few days ago I was fortunate enough to visit the prestigious Ascari race circuit en Ronda, Malaga with my friends Javier Izquierdo and Emilio Cánovas. The Ascari course is the largest in Spain, it is unique in many aspects, such as its location, number of curves, lack of advertising and for being one of the few places you can drive a Formula 1 car. We where able to see a little of everything, with amazing cars such as the Ascari’s, Ferraris, or the most special of all, the Formula 1 car that Schumacher won his first ever world championship with back in 1994.

As well as watching the cars we where able to go round in a Radical, an unforgettable experience, while Javier and I also flew from the main straight in front of the pitts area.

Javier flew his newly built Avanti’s, while I took my Ultra-Flash and Extra 330SC.

As was to be expected, my Ultra-Flash powered by a JetCat P140RX was by far the fastest on the day, and I believe to now have the reccord for highest top speed at Ascari!

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