Dubai – UAE 2018

Dubai is always a great place to travel to, but when you get the change to go there with Powerbox-Systems to show the locals the great new Core transmitter during the countries National Day celebrations, well it doesn’t get much better than that!

The UAE National Day celebrations were the reason that I travelled to the UAE for the first time, back in 2015 and this was now my 3rd time there.

RC-Gadgetz had prepared a 50cc AJ Raven for me to fly, which I set up on the first day there, along side Andrew Jesky who had been given one of his 100cc AJ Slick’s and was doing the same as me.

Andreas Geitz and Marcus Rummer where also there demoing the latest C-arf Models designs, as well as good friends from Spain and Portugal there for the weekend with the Ultimatum now re-built by HispanoAviación.

The day that the celebrations started, we also set up a 100cc Demonstrator which surprisingly had a catastrophic failure during the first flight, at which point Gonzo Hobbies kindly offered me the opportunity to set up a new 100cc plane.

In the following three hours in a team effort we built a new Pilot-RC Laser 103″ with new 123cc GP Engine, and wow, what a machine!

Over the following days we flew the Laser at both the Skydive Dubai RC club and on the last day joined up at ADDRC in Abu Dhabi where Jase Dussia already having fun.

Once again, the Core radio performed flawlessly throughout all the models we tried, as well as holding group talks with members to discuss the benefits of the radio as well as their feedback.

Check out the videos to see more of exactly how much fun we had!

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