HBL380 X8 – MKS Servos

I have been using the MKS HBL380 servos for a couple of seasons now, and they not only look spectacular, they are spectacular!

Part of the already greatly successful X8 range, which in 3D helicopters had are already become world champions, this version specifically made for large scale acrobatic models and jets really takes plane servos to a new level.

With a brushless motor, and already tried and tested electronics from the X8 series it has truly become a class leader. But, what about the specs? They are simply amazing:

Torque at 7,4v: 39Kg

Speed at 7,4v: 0,092s

Voltage: from 6 to 8,4v

If we provide direct power from a 2S lipo (8,4v) the specs get even better! 0,082s speed and 41kg torque!

Additionally, with an extra large spline, (which does make finding servo arms more difficult) provides extra grip due to the larger teeth, meaning that even the standard included plastic arms can be used with great success.

Now the number one servo in my book, if you try one out you won’t look back, even if they are quite pricy…  As a cheaper alternative, the MKS HV777 shares very similar specs just without the brushless motor, so check them out!

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