Without a Powerbox-Systems has established themselves as the world leaders for powerboxes and electrical components in this wonderful hobby. Their product range is vast and for a large variety of models, however aimed mostly at the top end of the spectrum, for large models with complex guidance systems, such as large scale aerobatic models, fast and scale jets, large gliders or ultra precise F3A models.

One of my first sponsors, their products control every aspect of flight for our models. With powerboxes that are completely redundant, twin power and completely programmable, gyros, ignition switches, light systems, smoke pumps and so many useful accessories such as special wires or adapters.

With Powerbox-Systems I made my first trip to another continent, specifically to Tianjin in China (close to Beijing) in the year 2015. An unforgettable experience, just like so many others that I have had with Powerbox-Systems in recent years, such as the trips to Anji (China), Santiago (Chile) or Ahmedabad (India)

Below you will find practically the entire Powerbox-Systems range, as I have been lucky enough to fly for them for many years, having tried all their products and even collaborating with the design and testing on a number of them.

All these and more available from my online shop – PickeringRC:

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