JetCat, not much more needs to be said. They always have been and will continue being the world leaders in turbines. With amazing simplicity of install and fly, without complications or problems, just go have fun, what we all want from a turbine!

Their latest versions come with contactless starter motors, integrated pumps and electrovalves, on-board generators to charge flight packs and even telemetry options. They are simply one step ahead of the rest.

Following my first ever flight with a jet powered plane they have supported me throughout my jet career, having now flown at great events such as the world’s largest jet fair, the Jet Power or their own JetCat event in Mullheim.

With a range from the P20 up to their huge P550 they have everything you could need, backed by the guarantee that they are JetCat

Back in 2011, following a trip to the Exfc, we were fortunate enough to visit the JetCat factory in Germany. A truly breathtaking experience and a great insight into how they are put together and are tested.

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