Electron Retracts

Electric retracts are the future, without the problems of air leaks or lack of pressure.

Electron Retracts has been the first brand to produce a system using this new concept developing a truly reliable retract system that is strong, resistant and efficient, being used in ever more models.

With new setups including a gyro breaking to avoid skidding or their latest electric pistonts, they really are a one stop solution to all your needs.

I have already swapped all my jets to Electron Retracts and the results have been perfect.

Never again worry about topping up with air, not using brakes prior to takeoff in case you use too much air for the retracts to work later.

With Electron Retracts, your brakes can be used without limit, your gear will always go in and out and you can just concentrate on the flying.

The power consumption is tiny and with a very simple setup you can be ready to go within minutes of installation.


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