CMJets is the go to company when you need a kevlar fuel/smoke tank. With options to include the smoke and even hopper tanks into the same piece, there are options to suit everyone.

Initially designed with jets in mind, CMJets has made a name for itself in providing high quality kevlar tanks with a very high finish and highly adaptable designs.

If what you need is a tank for an already well known jet (by any of the big names) chances are he has made a tank for them and can have one ready for you in no time.

If he hasn’t made one yet, just send some measurements and he can quickly prepare the design and moulds, ready to produce your custom tank, regardless if it is for your scratch build or just a still new model on the market.

Additionally, we are also working on producing a set of tanks for the large acrobatic models which are so popular now, particularly for the 100cc size that I normally fly.

A large array of well known pilots already use and recommend CMJets tanks, such as Sebastiano Silvestri or the Reds Duo.

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