UltimaTun – Jet Model Factory

In 2015 I had the opportunity to try the Ultima-Tun from the Spanish manufacturer Jets Model Factory, and I have to say that within the sport jet category, it is of the best I have ever flown.

It may not be as fast as my Ultra-Flash, but it doesnt intend to be. What it does have however is amazing precision (aided by the speed of the MKS Servos) as well as surprisingly good flight characteristics for anyone who wants to enjoy a sport model or even someone early in their jet flying.

In my case, despite the nice colour schemes available, I have been wanting yo do this colour scheme for some time, and with this jet I simply couldnt resist.

Talking with Electron Retracts, they where able to produce an all black retract set, that would blend into the underside of the wing which was also to be painted black (as this model doesnt have gear doors, making it a simple and reliable jet for everyday flying) The result is brilliant, as well as the amazing electric breaks that can stop the model on a dime.

The turbine chosen was the JetCat P100Rx that was initially going to go into my failed jet glider project. Being a middle of the range size for the model, it was interesting to see how well it pushes the model around the skys.

As fara as electronics, I installed MKS D670 servos on all flying surfaces. With a torque of 15kg they are more than enough for the small deflections used, making the most of the gearing to gain speed, 0,09s to be precise. On flaps where you do require a greater torque I used the MKS 660+ servos, with 26kg of torque. All controlled by a Powerbox-Systems Cockpit SRS and powered by OptiPower 2150mAh 2S Lipos and a 5.000mAh 2S for the turbine.

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