Extra 330Sc (92″)

Extra 330Sc (92″)

I was fortunate enough to get to fly the first prototype 92″ Extra 330SC by PilotRC when I was in Shanghai at the end of 2015, and even though I am not normally a fan of 50-60cc airframes (proof of which the fact that I havent had one for years!) I actually really enjoyed this one.

It flew almost like my 107″ version, which was a great surprise!

So yes, finally there is a 50-60cc size plane that actually flys as it should, almost like a 100ccer! Pilot-RC really have done a great job with this one….

And like all 50-60cc it fits well in almost any car, you dont need help to manouver it at home or at the field and quite a bit cheaper than its larger scale counterparts

Simply brilliant!

Upon returning to Spain, along with Emilio from AcroRc we built the second prototype, and its even better! It is now in production, watch the video and you will see why!

The whole plane is designed to acheive the best flight specs and the result is just that.

Whatever you tell it to do, it does it!

These kits are now being sent out to all local dealers, so if you are looking for a new 50-60cc plane, this is your one, contact your local dealer!

For Spain you can contact Emilio at AcroRc.com


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