Extra 330Sc (107″)

Extra 330Sc (107″)

Having been flying this model for two years already, in the orange scheme,when it was time to replace it there could only be one choice… The same one again! Very similar at least! With the help of PilotRc and AcroRc I built my new 107” Extra 330Sc, this time in green. The setup was easy, having tried all the components previously I knew it would give me the best possible results.


(x1) Motor: GP Engines 123cc

(x2) Exhausts: MTW-Silencer TD80K

(x1) Propellor: GP Engines 27-12 Carbono

(x1) Powerbox: Powerbox-Systems Mercury SRS

(x8) Servos:

(x4) Ailerons: Hv777 by MKS Servos

(x2) Elevators: Hv777 by Servos

(x1) Rudder : Hbl380 X8 by MKS Servos

(x1) Motor: Hv737 by MKS Servos

(x2) Batteries: OptiPower 3.500mAh 2S

(x2) Receivers: Futaba R6203SB


(x1) Scale pilot 35% by G-force Aircraft

(x1) Powerbox-Systems smoke pump

(x1) Sparkswitch by Powerbox-Systems

(x7) Alu Secraft servo arms (1,5” ailerons and rudder // 1,75” elevator)

(x1) Lightweight premium servo wire by Powerbox-Systems

(x2) Conector two4one by Powerbox-Systems (MPX)

The build was easy, having already built my previous model. This version even came with the firewall already installed, resulting in just a few holes being required and everything being bolted straight on using the required spacers.

Following the successful modification of the orange Extra to install the rudder servo in the tail of the fuselage, I did the same again this time, giving very positive feedback on the rudder. This eliminates the need for pull pull wires, and also leaves the rudder servo tray under the canopy free to install the powerbox on.

On my return from Anji, China I had a new set of wings and elevators built by PilotRc. With a new profile and very different surface sizes and shapes.

The result of these new surfaces are just as hoped. More aggressive than the original, but also easier to set up than my previous oversized attempt.

I am really loving this model, something that I am sure you will see in the photos and videos as well as live at the years events!


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