Krill Model Factory Visit

Krill-Model’s factory in the Czech Republic Taking advantage of the fact that we where in the Czech Republic for the EXFC we also visited Krill-Model, currently the leader and most recognised manufacturers for large scale acrobatic models designed for competition at the highest level.

Once at the factory we met up with it”s owner, Ivo Krill, who had been so kind as to let us visit his factory, see how the models are made and take some photos to share with you all.

Once we where there, everything seems so organised and prepared that it looked easy, even though we all know that this is not the case.

The first thing that we see as we enter Krill’s factory is the CNC cutting machine, working permanently on all types of materials cutting everything that they will need to finish their models.

Once they have the moulds clean they are sent to the painting area where they prepare the colour scheme and then paint it in the mould. Once dry they start applying layers of fibre, carbon and other materials that will form the body of the plane. At this same point they add the ribs, formers and all other supports that are required to finish the plane. Once completed it is vacuum bagged and put in an oven to dry. The following day they join the two half’s of the mould, reinforcing the joint with carbon and then removing from the mould. Now the model gets moved to the other side of the factory where they finish the model, such as the cuts for the control surfaces or gluing in the hinge system. Here we can see what the open end rudder on the big Sukhoi 29 looks like as it comes out of the mould, just needing to cut off the excess.Both the wings and elevators come out of the mould completely in one piece. They then cut out the control surfaces and throw away the piece that is not needed. It is funny seeing a wing without any control surfaces!

You can find Krill’s entire range on their website at:

You can even choose to have a standard scheme by changing to any colours you want!!

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