Hacker Motor Factory Visit

During our stay in Germany for the German Acro Masters, we also visited the Hacker-Motor factory in Schinderstraßl. We had the good fortune to meet the owner of the company, Mr Hacker who was also at the competition over the weekend. Very proud of their products, we were shown their products and brands that they deal with, as well as some of their latest motors and their models.

Here we can see the A200 brushless motor, which is designed to power 3m aerobatic planes, with good authority and power similar to that of a 170cc petrol engine.

During the competition we were also able to see their A150 (equivalent to a 120cc engine) powering Krill’s new Yak 55M with great performance which was used by Mark Leesberg to complete an amazing freestyle. In this particular model they were using 4 6S 5.000mAh lipo packs, also Hacker of course.

In their exposition they also had the C50 quad, which as its name implies, is made up from 4 C50 motors, which through their clever gearbox power just one central propeller, able to produce enough power to successfully fly the largest of 3m aerobatic planes. It is interesting to look at how even inside the company they have changed the technology used, advancing and being able to obtain the same power from their new A200 as they could previously with the 4 C50’s.

In their exposition, they also had their own models, such as Sebastiano Silvestri’s 3m electric Krill-Model Katana, as well as EDF jets, electric scale models and various medium sized electric aerobatic models.

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