Weston Park Airshow - UK - 2017

Once again, I flew over to the Uk for the largest event in Europe, the Weston park Airshow. This time however I have retired my old Edge 540 and had a new PilotRc Extra 330SC 107” set up for England. The setup of which is as follows:

-GP Engines 123cc + Mejzlik 27-12TH

-MKS Servos Hv777

-Powerbox-Systems Mercury SRS

-OptiPower 2S 3.500mAh

-Futaba 6203 Rx

Upon arrival, I was surprised to find that the model wasn't finished, so the first day was dedicated to building and tweaking. By the evening, it was ready for a first flight, run the engine in a little and perform some basic setup for the next day's show.

Friday morning all looked good, and the weather and crowd was better than ever for the whole weekend.

This year, for the first time Jase Dussia rocked up from the USA, performing amazing demos like always, with his own fast and aggressive, yet very low, style of flying. Not only that, but both he and his father John are such cool people to be around.

A bit more cautiously than with my previous Edge, I was also able to get the new Extra through the hoop a number of times at the show, with the crowd erupting each and every time

Rob Gardner also let me fly his models as he does every year, among them his UltraLightning, from which photos and video show just how good one of the knife edge passes was, with just a few inches clearance between grass and wing! Without a doubt one of my favourite passes of the weekend!

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