Walker Bay Radio Flyers - SOUTH AFRICA 2017

This year I returned to South Africa to Walker Bay Radio Flyers, with thanks to The first half of the trip didn't go particularly to plan, with a number of models that I was going to be flying being grounded due to mechanical difficulties. However with the great energy of Terry from Terry’s Rc, Tony Tan from PilotRc, Peter from Pilot SA and the members of the club themselves, I had a long list of models available to fly.

By Saturday afternoon, the bad luck was done with and was able to do some real flying, and have some proper fun. From the small DLG Elf (great fun competing and formating with Marc!) to the brilliant fun PilotRc Hamilton Edge.

Some of the best fun was actually the impromptu climb and glide competition that mainly Marc and I had with the Pilot Trainers.

We were also treated to Charles Steven’s World Record beating specially built 4 meter paper airplane, tested at the event and successfully flown on two occasions by Charles. Accompanied also by popular artist, singer and all round greatly enthusiastic guy Michael Ferguson with his song Paper plane backing the record attempt:

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