SkyHub - DUBAI 2017

I was kindly invited to perform a series of demo flights at the Rc Championship held at the SkyHub airfield in Dubai, along with Asian champion and GP Engines manufacturer “Fergie” Tzu Chu Lin. I travelled with my good friends Alan and Emilio on this great adventure to the UAE. We were really made to feel at home by our hosts Ahmed, Mustafa, Thair and Bashar who all looked after us, both on the field and off.

The idea was that we did not need to take planes, and indeed we had a great selection to choose from. Fergie had a clear favourite, the same 3DHS Slick that he uses at home, while I flew pretty much everything!

From Ahmed’s PilotRc 3m Edge, Thair’s PilotRc 3m Extra, Mustafas Pilotrc 2,7m Yak 54 and even a specially built AJ Slick by Mostafa. Not to mention, Habib’s great Viperjet.

The preparations went well, and all had clearly been well organized. Everything down to the large banners each of the sponsors had placed around the flying areas.

The level of flying was very good, with pilots performing all kinds of maneuvers even with the largest of acrobatic models and jets. Truly enjoying the hobby as a whole.

Following three days of practice and preparations though, unfortunately the competition itself had to be called off due to the strong wind and rain (yes, rain in Dubai!)

At this time our hosts kindly showed us round Dubai, getting to see the all important attractions of the city, such as the Burj Khalifa, the 7 star Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel, the Dubai Mall, the palm islands, Atlantis, etc…

A truly unforgettable experience with great people in a wonderful location that I hope we get to repeat in the future.

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