My First Jet Experience!

In 2009, I wasnt especially fascinated by jets. Mainly due to my lack of knowledge about them, and that the few flights that I had seen where nothing all that special. Nevertheless, my friend Oscar Moran asked me to go with him to Mallorca, to the shop Helimania (also JetCat Spain) as he had purchased his first jet powered model, a Boomerang Elan and the idea was for us both to go and learn about how they work, and learn how to fly them before going back home.

On arrival we met with Toni and Sebastián who ran the shop. Sebastián explained to us in great detail how the jet engine worked (a JetCat P80) before taking us to the flying site.

Due to Sebastián flying Mode 1, and us flying Mode 2, Sebastián had to fly first to show us how everything worked, before it being our turn, with no safety net!

Knowing that throwing the radio back at Sebastián in case of an emergency wasnt an option, the conditions where not quite ideal, especially having to trim the model out due to the change of radio.

Dispite the initial shock of having to perform the flight completely on my own, the take off was quite simple, and the feeling of flying a jet was amazing. I wasnt expecting to have this much fun! What an adrenaline boost! It felt like the elan was flying at amazing speeds, so much so that I could only fly circuits as otherwise it would have flown off into the sunset!

Trying some basic aerobatic manouvers I realised that not only did jets fly fast, but could also perform aerobatics. Ok, I wanted one!

Landing was fortunately easier than I was fearing, simply following the instructions given by Sebastian with “now add flaps”, “less power” etc…

Next it was Oscar’s turn. This time at least having the model trimmed, with a few reccomendations by Sebastian and from me, he also was able to complete his first jet powered flight without a problem (begginer helping a begginer, always awesome!)

In flight Oscar had the same feelings we did, that the plane flew great, but was very fast (used to flying aerobatic planes at least)

We where both hooked on the rush of jet flying

After a couple more flights, we couldnt wait for more. So much so that we decided to stay one more day in Mallorca so we could repeat it all the next day!

From that moment on, I have never looked back, and now have the pleasure to own my own jet model, and fly for Jet Cat and Jet Cat Spain

From then on, I haave a lot of fun with many more jet models after the Elan (a model that many get rid of too soon, as it is an amazing plane). I have had great fun flying models such as the Carf Flash, Ultra Lightning, the FeiBao Bae Hawk all of my friend Oscar Moran.

Since then, now with my own Ultra Flash, powered by the JetCat P140RX I am loving jet flying, and have had the opportunity to fly many other fun models such as the Futura Tomahawk, some F15, Ultra Lightning, Viper Jet, Tutor…

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