Martin Pickering | Belmez, Cordoba 2018

We were invited to Bélmez, Córdoba to an exhibition in a football field, arranged by Jose Ruano. On this occasion, I travelled with the Bellot family who picked me up on the way to the event.

The welcome by the organizers was great. As for the field however, this was fine for the helicopters, but I had taken a 100cc Extra!

Once put together, the field got smaller too, but knowing exactly how this plane fly’s, there was no turning back, and the result was spectacular, as you can see in the videos below.

Other flights worth of mention were those by the great Lady 3D, Raquel Bellot with her Soxos 700 helicopter, or those of “El Pistolín” who has a unique and aggressive style.

The weekend itself had quite a number of setbacks, and without getting into too much detail included car problems, temporary loss of materials or accidental damage to models after the show. Not to mention that I was full of cold and was far from my usual self, which also prevented me from taking as many photos or videos as I usually do. The result is that I only really have footage from those who I travelled to the show with… Sorry to everyone who attended, and I promise I will get you all in there next time!

Sunday there wasn’t a show, so we walked up to the Bélmez castle, taking some very cool shots which you can see in the videos too!


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