Joe Nall Week - USA 2017

The Joe Nall week is one of the most recogniseable events in the world, mainly due to it being the largest event of its type. It has over 1.100 pilots registered and independant sites for drones, helicopters, electrics, float planes, control line, 3D and the main flight line.

Held at Tripple Tree Aerodrome, you need a golf kart to get from one side of the event to the other. I travelled with the Powerbox-Systems team to fly (among other places) at the famous noon demos, one of the largest priveleges of the hobby-

Due to the difficulty in shipping my plane, Chief Aircraft, PilotRc and Powerbox-Systems all worked together to build a new Extra 300Lx for me, just needing to add receivers and fly. It had all MKS 777Hv servos, Mercury Srs powerbox and it flew amazingly from the get go!

I spent a lot of my time at the 3D line, where the level of flying was brilliant, and contrary to Europe the pilots are quite happy at flying up to five or six at a time. This was rather unusual to start with, but you soon get used to. I was also fortunate enough to be allowed a few solo slots to really show off and have fun in.

As is traditional and almost obligatory, we took the plane to the lake and put the tail in the water to get the famous "I dunked at Nall" sticker. I decided that I wanted to be the first to do the dunk one handed, and with the help from the integrated iGyro in the Mercury srs I was able to release control of the stick with my right hand, with spectacular results as per the videos.

By last thing on Friday, the increadible FPV pilot Mr Steele turned up, known for his amazing videos such as flying at Chernobil! Following being presented by my good friend Erwin, we worked together and pulled out 4 duo flights, over the lake, for some amazing and one off footage. The results of which are in the video below:

All in all, the Joe Nall is an aeromodelling haven. There are all types of models and fun is guaranteed. I really appreciate all the support that I received over the weekend as well, from Powerbox-Systems for getting me there, to Chief Aircraft and PilotRc for the help with the plane. Especially to Dana, Brett and Steve for their hard work, and a special thank you to JD who helped out with my model all week, assuring batteries were charged, fuel was done, transporting the plane from one site to the other and generally everything that I could have ever needed.

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