Jet Power - GERMANY 2017

The worlds largest jet fair, with all the best brands and pilots. For this year it was also the chosen place to reveal the brand new Martin Pickering website, with flyers and cards handed out throughout the fair.

On this occation I was not flying as the 19h drive each was not possible due to time retraints, however for the first time ever I was actually helping out on one of the stands, Electron Retracts. A great group of people with who I not only learned bundles over the weekend, but also had a truly great time and hope to get the chance to repeat the experience.

Electron revealed their new electric piston, ideal for gear doors and with a crazy amount of torque. Based on initial reactions, this is going to be a very popular product.

Probably the largest releases of the show was the first view of the Powerbox-Systems Core transmitter. Still quite a way from being the final product, first impressions are very good.

With exception of those from Paritech (F22, TurboRaven or F16 to name just a few) the new planes at the show were huge!

The 4m Leonardo stands out massively, built to an amazing standard and with brilliant flying characteristics. C&C brought out an 4m Mb339, Paritech showed their new XXXL Bae Hawk or the massive F104 by Airworld. All very exclusive (and expensive!) models.

For more details on the show, and with exclusive interviews with Powerbox-Systems, JetCat and Electron Retracts among others, please view the video below:

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