Huetor Tajar – Granada 2018

I went to Huetor Tajar back in 2014 and had an absolute blast due to the small town local friendly atmosphere at the airfield, just guys wanting to fly and have fun. Unfortunately since then the event has always coincided with other events and it wasn’t until 2018 that I was able to return.

Quite excited, Raquel and I set off for the show, looking forward to a repeat of my first experience at the location. On arrival the runway was as good as I remembered it, and they had even got rid of the trees at the end of the runway, so if anything it was even better.

Sadly though, the wind had other plans for the weekend, and the two days were spent trying to get out of the cold, the wind, and the rain…  We still got some (windy) flying in, and had fun with friends, but still need to return and do it all again properly…

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