Fiesta de Loreto - Tenerife 2017

In 2011 I was invited to Tenerife for their Fiesta de Loreto festival, and I flew the planes of my good friend Gibson Lopez. This year, I was invited back for the show, coinciding with the year of the clubs 40th anniversary. Planning a bigger and better show than ever before, I was asked to ship my J10 to the island for the show.

Upon arrival I was welcomed by the very friendly organizers, and after some good food and a nights sleep, we were off to the field to check on my J10 and get some flights done.

The J10 had arrived in one piece and after a quick put together did some test flights, which despite the warm weather was still windy far from ideal for the lightweight jet.

After this, I was asked to perform a few test flights on some of the club members turbine models, a task that I always enjoy doing and took up most of the day. Fine tuning two Skymaster twin turbine A10's, as well as setting up Powerbox iGyros on a Paritech Viper XXL and Bae Hawk, as well as some other minor details on other models.

With everything ready for the big show, the night before (Friday) the club put on a gala dinner in Tenerife's capital city, with members enjoying the evening with family and friends until the early morning.

Due to the big party the night before, the event started mid morning on Saturday, with a non stop showline of flying, mostly jets, with some helicopters, prop planes and even fireworks thrown in for fun!

By mid-day, the weather turned against us and started raining, dispersing the crowds, just as the huge hog roast was served up for lunch.

Unfortunately the weather didnt improve much from then on, and no more flying was done, until the Sunday, when just a few members got together to do some more flying, and continue testing their models.

A great event, and my video doesnt really do it justice, but I had a great time great people, and cant wait to go back!

Fiesta de Loreto – Tenerife

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