Curitiba & Joinville – BRASIL 2018

With thanks to Powerbox-Systems, I was invited to participate at the 33 Fesbraer event held at the great flying club in Gaspar.

The planes flown were all thanks to Michel, owner of and who kindly lent me his Carf-Models J10, Edge 540 and Shockwave.

While there, I was also asked to fly a few members models, including Skymaster Viperjets, Futura and others, often asked to set up some aspect of the model, as well as installing and explaining the iGyro to them.

The field itself was great and one that mostly any modeler has seen in videos and photos, simply a great place to fly and have fun.

For the last two days, once the main event was over, we travelled over to Joinville, to spend some time with Marco Camilloti at his field, Aero Circus.  Now this is the place that aeromodellers go when they die, it is truly paradise.

Gaspar was already a great place to be and fly but this was truly on a different level to anything I had ever seen, check out the pictures for yourselves and see what I mean… Huge full size runway, massive hangar with models stored ready to go, along with large rest area, barbecue and my favorite, a pool table.

Only one problem, and that was that we had to leave… Can’t wait to go back though!

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