Anji, Shanghai – CHINA 2015

Back in Asia with Powerbox-Systems, this time in Anji, close to Shanghai for a huge UAV show/competition As our models did not arrive in time, still being stuck in Beijing from a few weeks ago, Tony from Pilot-RC came good and was able to provide some of his great planes to fly at the event. The planes that we had available to us, both Alex Baltzer and I, where the new 91″ Extra 330SC, the jet Dolphin and to HotDogs by DS-Jets, cool!

The weather wasnt great, but even so we where able to fly all four days as planned. Having said that, we didnt see the sun on any of the four days. The runway was unusual, it was very long, tarmac, but also relatively narrow and with a wall running the whole length. Not a problem for the small drones, or even really for the solo demos that we made, but a huge risk for the Horizon Hobby team flying their large F86 in formation!

During the drone part of the show we saw all kinds of UAV’s in such a variety of shapes and sizes, including some rather unusual shapes, all too many of them being innovative but not very functional…

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