Abu Dhabi – UAE 2015

This has been a great year for me, and this trip has been a dream made reality. I have visited the country that was top of my list of places to see, and better yet I have been able to do so through my hobby and with some great friends, new and old. With the help of Terry’s RC and Pilot-RC I have been able to participate at two events in this amazing country, celebrating the 44th National Day.

Pilot-RC with GP Engines had been able to send a prototype Oratex airbrushed Extra 330SC. Make up your own mind, but for me the result is amazing, better than most any other scheme out there on a wooden plane.

The first of the two events was held at Jamal Al-Mazrouies club, the quality of the models and flying is surprising in equal measures. Not only are there some of the larger models on the market, but they fly the backsides off them! The J10 is an absolute favourite, with half a dozen flying at once a multiple times throughout the day.

The second of the events was at the Alain Sportsplex, a modellers dream flying site, with 5 runways in different directions depending on the wind direction. The main one, being about 500m x 80m in tarmac is quite something! All with floodlights allowing for night flying too!

Other pilots invited to the event where Sebastiano Silvestri flying one of his large 3D Avanti’S XXL, the Redwings team with their latest beauty the Leonardo, the Jets Italia team and Markus Rummer from Hacker.

Despite being December, the temperature was around 35ºC, lovely when travelling from the modest winter in Spain. The heat in summer must be unbelievable in Summer though…

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