2015 – Top Moments

2015 Is reaching an end, and I have to say that despite having had a number of very positive years, this has without a doubt blown everything else out of the park.

Among new sponsorship deals, product tests, some developments that will be released soon and great trips to other continents, it has made 2015 a very intense year, but at the same time a year full of success, new friends and unforgettable memories.

Among everything that has happened this year, my top three would have to be as follows:

New collaborations.

3 – New collaborations. Without them, I couldnt enjoy this hobby in the way that I do, so be it new or existing sponsors they are hugely important to me. This year, I have been lucky enough to have improved my relationship with PilotRC with some new designs and projects on their way which will be released soon, as well as a great new collaboration with the Spanish company Jet Model Factory who produce some top quality model jets, with some great flying qualities and great finishes. Among these and my other sponsors, who to name a few include Powerbox-Systems, JetCat, MKS Servo, Secraft, Revoc, GP Engines, MTW-Silencer or Abaco Advisers, 2016 is looking to be another great year.

Trip to UAE.

2 – Trip to UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Purely down to personal satisfaction, the second spot has to go to the week I spent in the place that I most wanted to visit. The UAE. A place that has always fascinated me, and that thanks to Terry’s RC and PilotRC this year I was not only able to visit, but also do so with my hobby, what more can you ask for? Getting to fly in Business thanks to Joe at Etihad, Terry and his wife who I really couldnt have asked for more from and where able to surpass every expectation that I ever had of the UAE.

Beijing withPowerbox-Systems.

1 – Beijing with Powerbox-Systems. My first trip outside of Europe, and with it making a dream come true of becoming a truly international airshow pilot. Not only that, but being able to do so witht he great sponsor, friend and family which are the Powerbox-Systems team. It was an event that we could not faulter, from the initially worrying runway, to the attention to detail, hotels and food. A perfect 10 and an experience that I will never forgett. Thank you!

Thank you All, and Happy New Year 2016!

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