The basics of model flying

Model flying is a huge hobby with complex and remarkable models which are far from the "small toys" people often think about when we first mention the hobby

Once you get past the common misconception of store bought toys, you will be amazed at the size, variety and capability of these model aircraft.

Personally I have flown huge models of up to 80% scale of the full size and my regular every day plane to fly measures in at just under 3 meters wingspan.  Jets are capable of smashing 500km/h and no matter what the model, in the right hands can put on an amazing display.

Capable of putting on an airshow and performing at times, locations and even performing manoeuvres that full size aircraft can't, the possibilities are limitless.

Martin Pickering – My biography

I started flying in 2002 when I was 14 following my discovery of the hobby through a static display in my town. Contrary to most young people starting, I didn't have any aeromodellers in the family so had to learn as I went along.

As I progressed, despite having all the moral support from my family, I have always had to decide for myself what models to buy, how to pay for them, and then build, setup, test, adjust and on more than one occasion, repair!

Despite dedicating all my free time to the hobby, my passion for flight has always grown, from when I started and all I wanted was a large scale acrobatic plane, to today when I still love acrobatics of any type, especially when it is with large scale or jets.

Having won a number of Spanish championships in large scale acrobatics, as well as a number of very favorable results around Europe I have ended up doing more show flying, now not only in Spain and Europe but all over the world in other continents.

I am currently known for my own style of flying, usually combining any number of maneuvers together in a small space and time, in the case of acrobatic models being rather aggressive and daring, while with jets simply being very low and very fast!

My overall style could probably simply be classed as “lower!”
I also collaborate with most of the biggest brands in the business, with a number of products with my name on them and that without their support I couldn't continue doing what I am doing.


Flying all over the world

From the end of 2015, and with huge support from my sponsors -especially Powerbox-Systems and PilotRc- I have gone from flying at numerous shows all over Europe, to travelling the world to the biggest and best airshows around, at some fascinating and exotic locations such as Abu-Dhabi, Beijing, Shanghai, India, Chile or SouthAfrica.  All thanks to exhibitions, local celebrations or even events put on by government for national festivities.