Mercury SRS

Mercury SRS

Powerbox-Systems has just blown apart the market for powerboxes! The Mercury SRS is a very compact unit (same size as the evolution) but with some amazing specs, including full 3 axis gyro, GPS, fully programmable on all channels, gear door sequencer, regulated voltage to 5,9v or 7,4v and even some functions available to be adjusted from your mobile phone (with the optional “BlueCom” adapter)

As normal, it works with all the usual well known brands of receivers, being connected by Serial bus (single wire connection as opposed to connection per channel)

The freedom to use any exit as any channel, and program each of them freely allows an almost infinite world of possibilities. An example of this could be that you could use say 9 exits just for a single surface, all setup from the powerbox using just one channel on the radio.

Dont worry about the seemingly endless possibilities for this powerbox, as the manual also indicates the pre-established exits should you not wish to adjust anything, and if you do you will soon see that it is in reality very simple.

The gyro can work in one of two ways.

“3e Mode”: works in the same way as the iGyro 3e, where gain is given by a slider, increasing gain for all channels at once.

“Srs Mode”: Works in the same way as the iGyro Srs, where you have a 3 position switch, with the options Off, On1, On2. With On1 and On2 being independant gyro settings, you can have different setups for example for flight as to flight with flaps…

In addition, you can add the Powerbox-Systems GPS which allows the gyro to automatically reduce the gain the faster you fly, allowing large gain settings when flying slowly, but very little gain as required for faster flight.

I already have this powerbox in a number of models, both acrobatic and jets with perfect results, and I would bet that we are going to see a lot more of these units at the field in the short future.


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