1 2 3 4 5 CMJets is the go to company when you need a kevlar fuel/smoke tank. With options to include the smoke and even hopper tanks into the same piece, there are options to suit everyone. Initially designed with jets in mind, CMJets has made a name for itself in providing high quality kevlar tanks with a very high finish and highly adaptable designs. If what you need is a tank for an already well known jet (by any of the big names) chances are he has made a tank for them and can have one ready for you in no time. If he hasn’t made one yet, just send some measurements and he can quickly prepare the design and moulds, ready to produce your custom tank, regardless if it is for your scratch build or just a still new model on the market. Additionally, we are also working on producing a set of tanks for the large acrobatic models which are so popular now, particularly for the 100cc size that I normally fly. A large array of well known pilots already use and recommend CMJets tanks, such as Sebastiano Silvestri or the Reds Duo.


1 2 Currencies Direct is a Company that deals exclusively with currency Exchange, and allows clients to make a significant saving when compared to the same transaction if completed through the Banks. Regulated by the same financial institutions as the Banks, the Exchange is totally legal and secure, simply advise as to the currency that you have, the currency you want, and they will offer you the best possible rate available. Once agreed, you simply complete the payment via transfer, bankers draft or card in your original currency, and they will forward back to you the agreed amount in your required currency. Used daily in my work at Abaco Advisers, from small changes to large property purchases there are important savings to be made, and without a doubt they are leaders in their sector, assuring their clients the most amount of foreign currency from their initial value. Currencies Direct es una empresa de cambio de divisa, que permite un ahorro importante en sus cambios de divisa comparado conel cambio que puedas realizar con tu banco. Regulados por las mismas instituciones financieras que los bancos, el cambio es totalmente legal y seguro, simplemente indícanos qué moneda tienes, y cual quieres, y te ofrecen el mejor tipo disponible. Una vez acordado, simplemente realizas el pago mediante transferencia, cheque bancario o tarjeta desde la moneda que tienes, y le envían de vuelta mediante transferencia la cantidad de divisa acordada. Usado a diario en mis labores profesionales en Abaco Advisers, desde cambios pequeños hasta precios de vivienda enteros, el ahorro es importante, y son sin duda uno de los líderes del sector, garantizando a sus clientes la mayor cantidad de divisa posible desde su moneda inicial.


1 2 3 4 5 Abaco Advisers Abaco Advisers is the legal firm where I have worked for the past 10 years and I am currently responsible for the Financial Department, as well as being entrusted with having Power of Attorney. Based in Torrevieja and Alicante, and with roughly 60 employees , we deal with everything to do with the legal and fiscal purchase, sale and ownership of property in Spain, focused mainly on a foreign clientele. We deal with everything from the initial purchase, along with its mortgage, the annual taxes and future sale, as well as everything that may be needed during that time. This can include donations, separations, legalizations, wills, inheritances, insurances, currency exchange, supplies and many many more. Abaco Advisers Abaco Advisers


1 2 3 4 Producer of all those small metal parts that we all need for our models, whether its servo arms, speciality washers, non-slip wing bolts, wheel axels, tail gears or any one of thousands of supports, they have it all. Anodised and with an unbeatable quality, they are the accesories that every model requires. They also offer supports for all types of cameras and aeral filmatography as well as interesting extras. If you dont yet know their range, take a look and you will be surprised at what you will find! Fabricante de todas esas pequeñas partes metálicas que necesitamos en todos los modelos, ya sean brazos de servo, arandelas especiales, tornillos de alas, ejes de ruedas, trenes de cola o mil y una soportes, lo tienen todo. Anodizado y con una calidad insuperable, son los accesorios que requiere todo modelo. Además ofrecen soportes de todo tipo para cámaras y últimas tendencias de grabación aéreo, así como acesorios interesantes. Mira la web, y ¡seguro que encontrarás algo interesante!


1 2 3 4 We always look to protect our models, using the best mechanical and electrical components, as well as top of the line accessories. But what about where our models often suffer the most, transport? Revoc provide a solution that every plane needs, padded wing bags for all flying surfaces and fuselage. With simple version in a single colour and size, to fully custom made to measure and color scheme matching, take a look at their website to see what they can do! Siempre pensamos en proteger nuestros modelos, siempre gastando los mejores componentes mecánicos y eléctricos así como todos sus respectivos accesorios. Pero a veces se nos pasa que el mayor daño a los modelos suele ocurrir en el transporte. Revoc fabrica fundas para todos los componentes del avión, protegiendo al máximo contra todos esos golpes que le damos en el hangar o de camino al campo. Con versiones simples de un solo color, o incluso replicando la decoración del avión hay para todos los gustos, y es un extra muy valioso para la longevidad del modelo.


1 2 3 4 G-Force Aircraft Design, is a Spanish manufacturer that produces among other things the scale pilots that I use in all my acrobatic models. They are without a doubt the best scale pilots available today, and the result once installed in the model speaks for itself. It is not the same to have an empty cockpit, than a pilot to scale with the great detail that these G-Force pilots have. Take a look at their website, and in seeing the pictures you will see why they are worth it. Also, as the name implies, if they endure all the G’s that I have been able to put them through, they will hold up to everything !! G-Force Aircraft Design, es un fabricante Español que produce entre otras cosas los pilotos a escala que llevoen todos los modelos acrobáticos. Son sin duda los mejores muñecos disponibles a día de hoy, y el resultado una vez instalado en el modelo habla por sí solo. No es lo mismo tener una cabina vacía, que un piloto a escala con el gran detalle que tienen estos de G-Force. Darle un vistazo a su web, y en ver las imágenes veréis porque merecen la pena. Además, como su nombre indica, aguantan todos los G que yo he podido aplicarles, por tanto lo van a aguantar todo!! G-Force Aircraft: Scale Pilot (35%)


1 2 3 4 My first sponsor that was not a shop, was MTW-Silencer. Producing exhausts, tuned pipes, headers all looking for the most power from our engines, while maintaining a linear throttle curve and being as silent as possible. All backed by the stamp made in Germany. With full sets for a large array of models, and if they don’t have it they can make it for you. The result compared to the stock “pitts” type is simply astounding. With the option to have the smoke nipple on the header or exhausts, you can obtain the result you want. They also have 2 in 1 systems to allow using a single larger exhaust on twin cylinder engines. Mi primer patrocinador que no fuera una tienda, fabrican tubarros, codos y resonadores para nuestros motores de gasolina, buscando siempre la mayor potencia, con una progresión lineal y con el menor ruido posible. Todo con la garantía de calidad Alemana. Con juegos completos según el modelo que tengas, si no lo tienen ya preparado te lo hacen y el resultado comparado con los “pitts” que vienen con los motores de hoy día de serie es todo un mundo, y merece la pena la inversión. Con opción a tener la entrada para el humo en el escape o en el codo, se puede lograr el mejor efecto deseado según el modelo. Además ofrecen codos tipo 2 en 1 para poder montar en motores bicilindricos pero con un sólo escape de mayor dimensión. DA 170 with MTW-Silencer RE3! Meet MTW-Silencer


1 2 3 4 5 Electric retracts are the future, without the problems of air leaks or lack of pressure. Electron Retracts has been the first brand to produce a system using this new concept developing a truly reliable retract system that is strong, resistant and efficient, being used in ever more models. With new setups including a gyro breaking to avoid skidding or their latest electric pistonts, they really are a one stop solution to all your needs. I have already swapped all my jets to Electron Retracts and the results have been perfect. Never again worry about topping up with air, not using brakes prior to takeoff in case you use too much air for the retracts to work later. With Electron Retracts, your brakes can be used without limit, your gear will always go in and out and you can just concentrate on the flying. The power consumption is tiny and with a very simple setup you can be ready to go within minutes of installation. Los trenes eléctricos son el futuro, sin los problemas de fugas de aire y pérdidas de presiones. Electron Retracts ha sido la primera marca en realmente demostrar que los trenes eléctricos son un sistema viable, fiable, eficaz y se están implantando cada vez más en el mercado de las turbinas. Con sistemas de frenado con giroscopo integrado para evitar trompos o una nueva gama de pistones eléctricos, todo son ventajas. Yo ya llevo Electron Retracts en todos mis modelos de turbina, y me he olvidado de todos los problemas habitualmente relacionados con el tren. Nunca más tendrás que dudar de si le has echado aire, de llevar cuidado usando los frenos antes de despegar por no malgastar ode preocuparte de si saldrán todas las patas cuando estés terminando el vuelo… El consumo es increíblemente bajo y con una programación tan básica que cualquiera puede hacerlo.


1 2 3 4 5 The Opti range covers everything to “feed” our models, be it with the best batteries with real “C” discharge ratings without decay or puffing up, glow fuel using only the best oils, as well as accessories such as their smoke oil range, oils for Gas and Turbine engines or cleaning products. Initially designed for demanding helicopter pilots, the success of their entire range speaks for itself and has been expanded from helicopters to planes, jets and even cars. Having flown particularly with OptiPower batteries for the last number of years, I can say that the true discharge rating on these packs need to be tried to be believed, not to mention the super high quality oils that I use for all my fuel mixes. La gama Opti cubre todo lo que sea la “alimentación” de nuestros modelos, ya sea con las mejores baterías con “C” de descarga reales y sin hincharse, combustibles glow de la más alta calidad, o accesorios adicionales comoson el líquido de humo, aceites para gasolina y keroseno o productos de limpieza para los modelos. Inicialmente indicados para helicópteros y con una larga y exitosa carrera, han ido ampliando la gama hasta cubrir todos los aspectos de nuestro hobby, desde helicópteros y aviones hasta coches. Habiendo volado con Opti Power durante años, especialmente las baterías, puedo decir que la capacidad de descarga real que ofrecen es algo que hay que probar para entender, nada que ver con las descargas que indican muchos otros fabricantes. Destacar además la calidad de los aceites que uso para todas mis mezclas de combustibles. OptiPower Lipos OptiSmoke


1 2 3 4 5 JetCat, not much more needs to be said. They always have been and will continue being the world leaders in turbines. With amazing simplicity of install and fly, without complications or problems, just go have fun, what we all want from a turbine! Their latest versions come with contactless starter motors, integrated pumps and electrovalves, on-board generators to charge flight packs and even telemetry options. They are simply one step ahead of the rest. Following my first ever flight with a jet powered plane they have supported me throughout my jet career, having now flown at great events such as the world’s largest jet fair, the Jet Power or their own JetCat event in Mullheim. With a range from the P20 up to their huge P550 they have everything you could need, backed by the guarantee that they are JetCat Back in 2011, following a trip to the Exfc, we were fortunate enough to visit the JetCat factory in Germany. A truly breathtaking experience and a great insight into how they are put together and are tested. Find the full report here: De JetCat no queda mucho que decir. Siempre han sido, y seguirán siendo los líderes en el sector de motores de turbina. Con la facilidad de llegar e instalar, sin complicaciones, ajustes ni problemas, sólo llenar depósito y volar! Con novedades como sistemas de arranque sin contacto, bombas y electrónicas integradas, generadores a bordo para la carga de baterías y opciones de telemetría, simplemente están un paso por delante de la competencia. Desde el primer vuelo que dí de turbina, me han apoyado durante cada paso de mi evolución en el mundo delos jets, ahora habiendo volado en eventos como son la mayor feria del mundo, el Jet Power, o su propio evento de JetCat en Mülheim Alemania. Con una gama desde la P20 hasta la última P550, tienen todo lo que puedas necesitar, todo con la garantía de JetCat. En el 2011, tras el viaje al Exfc, tuve la suerte de poder visitar la fábrica de JetCat en Alemania. Una experiencia inolvidable, permitiendo entender mejor cómo montan y prueban sus turbinas. Podéis encontrar el artículo completo aquí: