Salobreña – Granada 2017

Salobreña - Granada 2017 Joined by Vito from Centro Rc Levante, we headed off to the Club Rc Tropical in Salobreña, with the promise of a fun and relaxed weekend flying day, night and any time we wanted. We arrived Friday evening in the dark and pitched our tent and enjoyed a good BBQ. The following morning, we were a little surprised to find that the (not so long!) runway was surrounded by high shrubs as well as being inside a slight bowl, surrounded by power lines and even with its own mini river running along side the runway! Despite first impressions, the weekend went well with no problems in getting in or out of the site (even if I didn't have a great start to the weekend, having left the screws for my Pilot-Rc Extra back at home!) Additionally to the flights on my model (once appropriate screws had been found, thanks Micky!) the show was also the chosen location for the launch of Malaga Jets, a new shop and now dealer to Spain for Redwings Rc, producers of the Leonardo range of jets. With both an example of their 3m version and also the huge 4m version, I had a fun weekend setting up and fine tuning both models. Upon flying the larger of the two, aside from being astounded how well it flew (I want one!), after landing the club members came to congratulate me on being the fist person to fly a jet at the club! They really could have said that before taking to the air though, I may have re-measured the runway as it sure was tight! On Saturday evening, after another BBQ and the typical "I dare you to..." I also ended up flying my Extra in full darkness, only illuminated by two cars headlights! (as my plane lights were sitting in my workshop at home, along with the screws!) 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Memorial Sebastian Almagro – Córdoba 2017

Memorial Sebastian Almagro - Córdoba 2017 Memorial Sebastián Almagro, the best show in Spain. This being the seventh edition of the event, held at the Faasa aerodrome at Palma del Rio, Córdoba. Like every year, we were made to feel at home. The weather was unbeatable, being lovely and warm while almost perfectly calm all weekend. Stars of the show this year were the British Reds Duo, flying identical Bae Hawks by Tomahawk Design, in perfect formation with very little distance between them. Sadly, they were the center of attention both for the great formation flying, and also for being so close that on one of the cross overs they found each other head on, resulting in the loss of both models. This year we also had the Spanish Air Force model división with us, with some great scale models. I took a whole arsenal of models, to start with I had with me two (yes two!) Extra 330Sc 107” from PilotRc (one for daytime flying and one for night flying loaded with lights and pyro). As far as jets, I also had my brilliand Composite Arf J10 and my now classic Ultimatun for high speed flying with Raúl Lozano. As always, the big boys had big toys, such as Victor Calvo and Jesús Bagüés with their huge F16 and L39 respectively. It is an event that you need to be there to see everything, however below you can see some of the best photos from the show and my video review. Next year, do as the English have started doing, take some time off and come see the show for yourself to understand the fun, the food and the great company…

Jet Power – GERMANY 2017

Jet Power - GERMANY 2017 The worlds largest jet fair, with all the best brands and pilots. For this year it was also the chosen place to reveal the brand new Martin Pickering website, with flyers and cards handed out throughout the fair. On this occation I was not flying as the 19h drive each was not possible due to time retraints, however for the first time ever I was actually helping out on one of the stands, Electron Retracts. A great group of people with who I not only learned bundles over the weekend, but also had a truly great time and hope to get the chance to repeat the experience. Electron revealed their new electric piston, ideal for gear doors and with a crazy amount of torque. Based on initial reactions, this is going to be a very popular product. Probably the largest releases of the show was the first view of the Powerbox-Systems Core transmitter. Still quite a way from being the final product, first impressions are very good. With exception of those from Paritech (F22, TurboRaven or F16 to name just a few) the new planes at the show were huge! The 4m Leonardo stands out massively, built to an amazing standard and with brilliant flying characteristics. C&C brought out an 4m Mb339, Paritech showed their new XXXL Bae Hawk or the massive F104 by Airworld. All very exclusive (and expensive!) models. For more details on the show, and with exclusive interviews with Powerbox-Systems, JetCat and Electron Retracts among others, please view the video below:

Weston Park Airshow – UK – 2017

Weston Park Airshow - UK - 2017 Once again, I flew over to the Uk for the largest event in Europe, the Weston park Airshow. This time however I have retired my old Edge 540 and had a new PilotRc Extra 330SC 107” set up for England. The setup of which is as follows: -GP Engines 123cc + Mejzlik 27-12TH -MKS Servos Hv777 -Powerbox-Systems Mercury SRS -OptiPower 2S 3.500mAh -Futaba 6203 Rx Upon arrival, I was surprised to find that the model wasn't finished, so the first day was dedicated to building and tweaking. By the evening, it was ready for a first flight, run the engine in a little and perform some basic setup for the next day's show. Friday morning all looked good, and the weather and crowd was better than ever for the whole weekend. This year, for the first time Jase Dussia rocked up from the USA, performing amazing demos like always, with his own fast and aggressive, yet very low, style of flying. Not only that, but both he and his father John are such cool people to be around. A bit more cautiously than with my previous Edge, I was also able to get the new Extra through the hoop a number of times at the show, with the crowd erupting each and every time Rob Gardner also let me fly his models as he does every year, among them his UltraLightning, from which photos and video show just how good one of the knife edge passes was, with just a few inches clearance between grass and wing! Without a doubt one of my favourite passes of the weekend!

Joe Nall Week – USA 2017

Joe Nall Week - USA 2017 The Joe Nall week is one of the most recogniseable events in the world, mainly due to it being the largest event of its type. It has over 1.100 pilots registered and independant sites for drones, helicopters, electrics, float planes, control line, 3D and the main flight line. Held at Tripple Tree Aerodrome, you need a golf kart to get from one side of the event to the other. I travelled with the Powerbox-Systems team to fly (among other places) at the famous noon demos, one of the largest priveleges of the hobby- Due to the difficulty in shipping my plane, Chief Aircraft, PilotRc and Powerbox-Systems all worked together to build a new Extra 300Lx for me, just needing to add receivers and fly. It had all MKS 777Hv servos, Mercury Srs powerbox and it flew amazingly from the get go! I spent a lot of my time at the 3D line, where the level of flying was brilliant, and contrary to Europe the pilots are quite happy at flying up to five or six at a time. This was rather unusual to start with, but you soon get used to. I was also fortunate enough to be allowed a few solo slots to really show off and have fun in. As is traditional and almost obligatory, we took the plane to the lake and put the tail in the water to get the famous "I dunked at Nall" sticker. I decided that I wanted to be the first to do the dunk one handed, and with the help from the integrated iGyro in the Mercury srs I was able to release control of the stick with my right hand, with spectacular results as per the videos. By last thing on Friday, the increadible FPV pilot Mr Steele turned up, known for his amazing videos such as flying at Chernobil! Following being presented by my good friend Erwin, we worked together and pulled out 4 duo flights, over the lake, for some amazing and one off footage. The results of which are in the video below: All in all, the Joe Nall is an aeromodelling haven. There are all types of models and fun is guaranteed. I really appreciate all the support that I received over the weekend as well, from Powerbox-Systems for getting me there, to Chief Aircraft and PilotRc for the help with the plane. Especially to Dana, Brett and Steve for their hard work, and a special thank you to JD who helped out with my model all week, assuring batteries were charged, fuel was done, transporting the plane from one site to the other and generally everything that I could have ever needed.

Walker Bay Radio Flyers – SOUTH AFRICA 2017

Walker Bay Radio Flyers - SOUTH AFRICA 2017 This year I returned to South Africa to Walker Bay Radio Flyers, with thanks to The first half of the trip didn't go particularly to plan, with a number of models that I was going to be flying being grounded due to mechanical difficulties. However with the great energy of Terry from Terry’s Rc, Tony Tan from PilotRc, Peter from Pilot SA and the members of the club themselves, I had a long list of models available to fly. By Saturday afternoon, the bad luck was done with and was able to do some real flying, and have some proper fun. From the small DLG Elf (great fun competing and formating with Marc!) to the brilliant fun PilotRc Hamilton Edge. Some of the best fun was actually the impromptu climb and glide competition that mainly Marc and I had with the Pilot Trainers. We were also treated to Charles Steven’s World Record beating specially built 4 meter paper airplane, tested at the event and successfully flown on two occasions by Charles. Accompanied also by popular artist, singer and all round greatly enthusiastic guy Michael Ferguson with his song Paper plane backing the record attempt:

Bellota Jet – Cáceres 2017

Bellota Jet - Cáceres 2017 The Bellota Jet is usually the first event of the Spanish calendar, as well as being without a doubt one of the largest events in our country. Having had all winter to prepare new models, you are guaranteed to find something new, and this year it was my turn. It was the first outing for my Composite-Arf J10 3D jet. With well over a hundred pilots, we were blessed with great weather allowing everyone to fly a number of times each day. Unusually, the wind also played ball and didn't really affect flights as it has done previously. Models are really getting bigger and bigger, with some huge planes on site such as Javier Palacio’s Tomahawk Bae Hawk 100, the twin Airworld F104 Starfighters and the Mibo A10 of Jesús Bagüés becoming the norm. I took my three best models of the moment, the fully 3d capable vector jet the J10, my awesome new Pilotrc 107” Extra 330Sc and my now well known Jets Model Factory Ultimatun, with which I was fortunate enough to receive best of show with, alongside teammate Raúl Lozano for our high speed, aggressive “formation” flying.

SkyHub – DUBAI 2017

SkyHub - DUBAI 2017 I was kindly invited to perform a series of demo flights at the Rc Championship held at the SkyHub airfield in Dubai, along with Asian champion and GP Engines manufacturer “Fergie” Tzu Chu Lin. I travelled with my good friends Alan and Emilio on this great adventure to the UAE. We were really made to feel at home by our hosts Ahmed, Mustafa, Thair and Bashar who all looked after us, both on the field and off. The idea was that we did not need to take planes, and indeed we had a great selection to choose from. Fergie had a clear favourite, the same 3DHS Slick that he uses at home, while I flew pretty much everything! From Ahmed’s PilotRc 3m Edge, Thair’s PilotRc 3m Extra, Mustafas Pilotrc 2,7m Yak 54 and even a specially built AJ Slick by Mostafa. Not to mention, Habib’s great Viperjet. The preparations went well, and all had clearly been well organized. Everything down to the large banners each of the sponsors had placed around the flying areas. The level of flying was very good, with pilots performing all kinds of maneuvers even with the largest of acrobatic models and jets. Truly enjoying the hobby as a whole. Following three days of practice and preparations though, unfortunately the competition itself had to be called off due to the strong wind and rain (yes, rain in Dubai!) At this time our hosts kindly showed us round Dubai, getting to see the all important attractions of the city, such as the Burj Khalifa, the 7 star Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel, the Dubai Mall, the palm islands, Atlantis, etc… A truly unforgettable experience with great people in a wonderful location that I hope we get to repeat in the future.

Anji, Shanghai – CHINA 2016

Anji, Shanghai – CHINA 2016This year we returned to Anji, close to Shanghai for the UAV GP, this time with a Jet Formation Cup all organized by the Chinese Government and Powerbox-Systems.Unfortunately the weather wasnt kind to us and we had low cloud cover and rain throughout the event. That said, everyone did a great job in flying when there were gaps or reduced rain fall, allowing the event to go ahead and perform the necessary flights for a winner to be crowned. To start with, here is a video of the week. It is filmed when the weather was at its best, so you can imagine what it was like the rest of the time!Anji, Shanghai – CHINA 2016Este año volvimos a Anji, cerca de Shanghai para el UAV GP esta vez con copa de vuelo en formación de turbinas, todo organizado por el gobierno chino y Powerbox-Systems. Por desgracia el tiempo no acompañó, lluviendo de manera continuada durante todos los días del evento. No obstante, en rachas de poca lluvia y cuando la visibilidad lo permtiría, logramos dar un número de vuelos suficientes como para poder llevar al cabo el evento e importantemente la competición. Para empezar, aquí teneis un video con un poco de todo del fin de semana. Esta grabado en los momentos en los que sí pudimos volar, imaginar cómo era cuando no!

Memorial Sebastián Almagro – Córdoba 2016

Memorial Sebastián Almagro - Córdoba 2016 One of my favourite events of the year is the Memorial Sebastián Almagro, held in Faasa, in Palma del Río, Córdoba. This year would be no exception, taking with my a brand new PilotRc 107” Extra, with an amazing spec and of course my trusted Jets Model Factory Ultimatun. In addition, for some added fun, I also had with me my PilotRc 92” Extra. This event, held at the Faasa Aerodrome, with an 800m long runway and no real obstacles to be seen is a truly amazing place to fly, especially when flying fast jets at low altitude. The crowd are also great, really getting involved in the flights making lots of noise and enticing the pilots to really push their abilities to the max. The show-stopper this year was without a doubt Victor Calvo’s +60kg F16. Few models have the size of this one, and even fewer have the flying style and realism that this one does. One of my favourite moments this year was actually after the show, when to my surprise I was allowed to hover (only hover!) inside the hangar, the rest you can see in the video!