During the Italian F3M Cup this past summer I suffered a significant crash with my Krill Model 3m Sukhoi 29

The cause was clear, performing a manouver too low…  Normally the model would have completed the manouver perfectly, however with the added weight of the smoke, smoke cannisters and confeti it was all just too much, with the end result being that the Sukhoi ran out of height and into the Italian ground…

The result was quite disasterous, breaking the fuselage in two pieces just behind the cockpit, breaking the wingtip off and also the aileron.

Dispite having already enjoyed two years of flying my Sukhoi I was not ready to move on, so I decided to dedicate some time to it and attempt a repair.

This is the fantastic P47 Razorback that I painted for my good friend Oscar Moran.  It was a true experience, it was the first time that I painted a large scale model and also the first time using “special” paints (chrome).

Client 1
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