There aren't many jets like the J10, and fewer still like the one designed by the Elster team, made up by Ralph and Enrico.Capable of flying like a conventional jet and also amazing 3D maneuvers like a full on acrobatic prop plane.The build is no more complicated than a traditional jet, however trying to build it as light as possible really is a different type of challenge.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to try the Ultima-Tun from the Spanish manufacturer Jets Model Factory, and I have to say that within the sport jet category, it is of the best I have ever flown.

It may not be as fast as my Ultra-Flash, but it doesnt intend to be. What it does have however is amazing precision (aided by the speed of the MKS Servos) as well as surprisingly good flight characteristics for anyone who wants to enjoy a sport model or even someone early in their jet flying.

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Following a couple of years enjoying flying turbines, but without having had the chance to own my own, with the help from Sebastián at iHobbies – JetCat Spain, I had the amazing chance to form part of the Team JetCat, and put together, this, my first jet powered model. I decided to go for the Ultra Flash

For the season 2011, I have the inmense pleasure to be part of Team Krill .The model chosen was the most recent design by Sebastiano Silvestri, the Sukhoi 29, 37% in its second version (version 2011) which incorporates new “mega-ailerons” to be controlled by three servos per aileron, as well as a new rudder which gets wider at the tip, like in F3A, to improve precision, slow down downlines and increase the power of the rudder (as well as being a really cool place to put stickers!)

I was fortunate enough to get to fly the first prototype 92″ Extra 330SC by PilotRC when I was in Shanghai at the end of 2015, and even though I am not normally a fan of 50-60cc airframes (proof of which the fact that I havent had one for years!) I actually really enjoyed this one.

It flew almost like my 107″ version, which was a great surprise!

Following the German Acro Masters 2010, on our way back to Spain, we took a detour through Italy in order to spend a couple of days with one of the worlds best designers and pilots, Sebastiano Silvestri.

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