During our stay in Germany for the German Acro Masters, we also visited the Hacker-Motor factory in Schinderstraßl. We had the good fortune to meet the owner of the company, Mr Hacker who was also at the competition over the weekend. Very proud of their products, we were shown their products and brands that they deal with, as well as some of their latest motors and their models.

During our stay in Znojmo for the EXFC, we took the advantage to go and meet the people behind Mejzlik, as well as finding out a bit more about their products. On our arrival, we met with Ales, who very kindly showed us their catalogue of propellors, giving us an overview of their most recent developments as well as showing us their amazing stock in all sizes of propellors.

Krill-Model”s factory in the Czech Republic Taking advantage of the fact that we where in the Czech Republic for the EXFC we also visited Krill-Model, currently the leader and most recognised manufacturers for large scale acrobatic models designed for competition at the highest level.

Continuing our way home after the EXFC in the Czech Republic we arranged to visit the JetCat factory in Germany. On arrival at their factory we met with Roman Kulossek and Udo Töpfer who kindly showed us around the factory, explaining each process required to build a miniaturised turbine to the highest standards currently available, obtaining the reliability, simplicity and smooth running that characterize their turbines.

Secraft Secraft is a company who specialise in anodised aluminium components for rc modellers. Due to their ever growing product range and the top quality produced, they have quickly become one of the best known supplyers of aluminum accesories, just some examples would be their servo arms, accesories for transmitters, anodised washers and many many more.

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