Following my previous visit to India in 2016 to help Udayan and Varun improve their 3D acrobatic flying, I now returned to India in 2018 to help setup, fly and teach the flying of 3d jets, specifically the CARF-Models J10.

We were invited to Bélmez, Córdoba to an exhibition in a football field, arranged by Jose Ruano.  On this occasion, I travelled with the Bellot family who picked me up on the way to the event.

In 2011 I was invited to Tenerife for their Fiesta de Loreto festival, and I flew the planes of my good friend Gibson Lopez.  This year, I was invited back for the show, coinciding with the year of the clubs 40th anniversary. Planning a bigger and better show than ever before, I was asked to ship my J10 to the island for the show.

Joined by Vito from Centro Rc Levante, we headed off to the Club Rc Tropical in Salobreña, with the promise of a fun and relaxed weekend flying day, night and any time we wanted. We arrived Friday evening in the dark and pitched our tent and enjoyed a good BBQ.  The following morning, we were a little surprised to find that the (not so long!) runway was surrounded by high shrubs as well as being inside a slight bowl, surrounded by power lines and even with its own mini river running along side the runway!

Memorial Sebastián Almagro, the best show in Spain.  This being the seventh edition of the event, held at the Faasa aerodrome at Palma del Rio, Córdoba.  Like every year, we were made to feel at home.  The weather was unbeatable, being lovely and warm while almost perfectly calm all weekend.

The worlds largest jet fair, with all the best brands and pilots. For this year it was also the chosen place to reveal the brand new Martin Pickering website, with flyers and cards handed out throughout the fair.

 Once again, I flew over to the Uk for the largest event in Europe, the Weston park Airshow.  This time however I have retired my old Edge 540 and had a new PilotRc Extra 330SC 107” set up for England.  The setup of which is as follows:

One of my favourite events of the year is the Memorial Sebastián Almagro, held in Faasa, in Palma del Río, Córdoba.

This year would be no exception, taking with my a brand new PilotRc 107” Extra, with an amazing spec and of course my trusted Jets Model Factory Ultimatun. In addition, for some added fun, I also had with me my PilotRc 92” Extra.

A few days ago I was fortunate enough to visit the prestigious Ascari race circuit en Ronda, Malaga with my friends Javier Izquierdo and Emilio Cánovas. The Ascari course is the largest in Spain, it is unique in many aspects, such as its location, number of curves, lack of advertising and for being one of the few places you can drive a Formula 1 car. We where able to see a little of everything, with amazing cars such as the Ascari’s, Ferraris, or the most special of all, the Formula 1 car that Schumacher won his first ever world championship with back in 1994.

A brand new event in the calendar this year was the Walker Bay Radio Flyers Extravaganza, held close to Hermanus in South Africa. Along with Tony Tan from PilotRc, Tzu Chu Lin “Fergie” from GP Engines and the Reds Duo, Steve and Matt Bishop from the UK, we all travelled to a new continent for us. We were welcomed by Terry and Canzius, the two main organizers of the event, and who made us feel perfectly at home during the entire event.

This year we had a new event in the calendar, the Lleida Air Show. The idea for the event was to group together some pilot frirends and have fun doing what we do best. With 30 to 35 pilots, and voluntary 5 minute slots everyone could fly as much or as little as they wanted. The Lleida club has a very nice runway, surprisingly wide or disproportionately short, at 130 or 140m its more tan enough to land any type of model in, but with tres on either side did require some extra attention when flying fast jets in low altitude.

Each year in Murcia they hold an event for exclusively electric models, and this year the dates fit well so I could take part. We have spent a good day flying hardly making any noise… Apart from my Extras that is, that for the day where classed as electric… (they have batteries inside, so that counts, right?!) With Vito from Centro Rc Levante we represented the brand OptiPower at the event, with pretty much every size battery going!

Ok so its February, time to get the 2016 show season off to a start! And what a way to do it, travelling to Ahmebadad – India! Unlike most shows that I have done before, this time I was going in representation of Powerbox-Systems to help the locals install and setup their Powerbox and iGyro units, followed by some in flight setup and hopefully teach them along the way.

Through Powerbox-Systems, I was invited to attend the bi-annual CACH Airshow in Chile, with the opportunity to just turn up and fly, without need to ship a model.  I would travel with good friend Ralph Losemann from Germany.

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