The latest little product from Powerbox-Systems, the Micro Match.

The Micro Match is basically an intelligent “Y” lead.  It allows you to connect two servos to a single channel, with the added benefit of being able to still individually program each of the two servos, by means of the BlueCom adapter (bluetooth adapter so you can set up through your phone/tablet)

Options available are servo center, servo reverse, and adjustable end points.

Powerbox-Systems has done it again, a new product that promises to change what we install in our large scale models.

A whole new powerbox unit, full of possibilites.

The new Powerbox-Systems Mercury.  As well as the usual functions, it also includes the powerfull 3 axis iGyro, door sequencer, free selection of the 15 output channels, each individually programmable and adjustable as well as specific settings for vector thrust pipes.

Smoke-El have updated their already great system, now including a G-Force sensor, allowing you to automatically activate the smoke after a certain G limit.  This allows you to simulate the vapour trail generated by advanced jets in tight turns.

During my stay in India, I was asked to set up a Sebart Mig 3D, which as it was, didn’t work.

We decided to install two Powerbox-Systems iGyro 3e units (a total of 6 axis of gyro!)

Possibly one of the most important decisions to be made when putting together a new model is the type of battery that we are going to use to supply that all important power to our servos and other electrical components.

One of the newest products by Powerbox-Systems is their Spark Switch, an electronic switch that can be used to turn on and off the power supply to other electronic devices, such as engine ignitions.

Even though there are similar products on the market, the Spark Switch is different, as it is much easier to use and set up. It is simply a case of connecting to a free receiver channel that is controlled by a switch that goes from -100% to +100%. In one direction the power is on, in the other it is off.

This powerbox is currently the top of the range unit produced by Powerbox-Systems (with the exception of the same version which includes Spektrum technology) and has been for some time THE unit used for large scale models, irregardless of their type.When we open the box, the first thing that we see is a beatifully designed powerbox (beatifull for an aeromodeller of course!).

The Powerbox-Systems Evolution has been for many years one of the most well known and most used powerboxes in large scale models.

The advantage that the Evolution always had was that being the first in the range or powerboxes, its cost is kept down yet still implementing most of the functions used by its top of the range counterparts.

This year 2010 Powerbox-Systems have updated the Evolution, including new heat disipators to assist with the cooling of the voltage regulators, as well as updating the styling of the Powerbox to fit in with the rest of their recently released products.

Thea Powerbox-Systems Champion RRS has been in the Powerbox family for many years, and always as a front runner in power distribution systems. Currently I am using them in my competition models, and in this article I will describe the reasons why and the advantages once programmed correctly.

Gyros are slowly gaining ground from the tabu they where just a few years ago, now being used on anything from small Horizon BNF models up to the largest jets.

New product by Powerbox-Systems: MagSensor At this years Jet Power, at the Powerbox-Systems stand we discovered their latest product, an add on for their powerboxes, the MagSensor.

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