With so many Lipo brands on the market, it is difficult to choose the right one for your next project.  Most of these have somewhat unrealistic discharge ratings or are over-easy on “puffing”

Powerbox-Systems as well as their electrical components also produce wire sets and connectors to the same high standard for us to use in our models. Most of them use smolten plastic to seal the soldered connextions as required in aviation, to assure a secure weld that can be connected and disconnected safely time and time again.

Being a new brand to Spain, it is with great pleasure that I can present you with a short video of the smoke liquid OptiSmoke, dealt by CentroRcLevante.net.

Everyone loves having smoke in our planes, even though it does cause a lot of cleaning up after its use, we still can”t resist it! You have to admit, would you be able to have a petrol powered plane, big enough to have a smoke system in it, and not do it?! The smoke pump that I”ve used in recent years both fun and for competition has been the Powerbox-Systems Smoke Pump. It has the advantages of being quite small, so we can fix it where we want, and it has enough power for the plane to start smoking as soon as we flip the switch on the transmitter.

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