Martin Pickering

F3P Indoor Spanish Championship – Murcia 2015

F3P Indoor Spanish Championship - Murcia 2015 With only half an afternoon of practice, a borrowed model from my friend Juanito from up North, almost by accident I came 3rd at the National Championships in the maximum category!

My First Jet Experience

My First Jet Experience! In 2009, I wasnt especially fascinated by jets. Mainly due to my lack of knowledge about them, and that the few flights that I had seen where nothing all that special. Nevertheless, my friend Oscar Moran asked me to go with him to Mallorca, to the shop Helimania (also JetCat Spain) as he had purchased his first jet powered model, a Boomerang Elan and the idea was for us both to go and learn about how they work, and learn how to fly them before going back home. On arrival we met with Toni and Sebastián who ran the shop. Sebastián explained to us in great detail how the jet engine worked (a JetCat P80) before taking us to the flying site. Due to Sebastián flying Mode 1, and us flying Mode 2, Sebastián had to fly first to show us how everything worked, before it being our turn, with no safety net! Knowing that throwing the radio back at Sebastián in case of an emergency wasnt an option, the conditions where not quite ideal, especially having to trim the model out due to the change of radio. Dispite the initial shock of having to perform the flight completely on my own, the take off was quite simple, and the feeling of flying a jet was amazing. I wasnt expecting to have this much fun! What an adrenaline boost! It felt like the elan was flying at amazing speeds, so much so that I could only fly circuits as otherwise it would have flown off into the sunset! Trying some basic aerobatic manouvers I realised that not only did jets fly fast, but could also perform aerobatics. Ok, I wanted one! Landing was fortunately easier than I was fearing, simply following the instructions given by Sebastian with “now add flaps”, “less power” etc… Next it was Oscar’s turn. This time at least having the model trimmed, with a few reccomendations by Sebastian and from me, he also was able to complete his first jet powered flight without a problem (begginer helping a begginer, always awesome!) In flight Oscar had the same feelings we did, that the plane flew great, but was very fast (used to flying aerobatic planes at least) We where both hooked on the rush of jet flying After a couple more flights, we couldnt wait for more. So much so that we decided to stay one more day in Mallorca so we could repeat it all the next day! From that moment on, I have never looked back, and now have the pleasure to own my own jet model, and fly for Jet Cat and Jet Cat Spain From then on, I haave a lot of fun with many more jet models after the Elan (a model that many get rid of too soon, as it is an amazing plane). I have had great fun flying models such as the Carf Flash, Ultra Lightning, the FeiBao Bae Hawk all of my friend Oscar Moran. Since then, now with my own Ultra Flash, powered by the JetCat P140RX I am loving jet flying, and have had the opportunity to fly many other fun models such as the Futura Tomahawk, some F15, Ultra Lightning, Viper Jet, Tutor…

Club Day Elche – 2013

Club Day – Elche 2013 As every year, we celebrated the club day with friends and neighbour clubs, here are some photos and videos: Día del Club – ElcheClub Day – Elche Como todos los años, tuvimos el día del club para pasarlo bien con amigos y clubs vecinos. Este año ademas tuvimos la oportunidad de disfrutar de los vuelos de Gibson Lopez, un joven promesa de Canarias! Aqui os dejo unas fotos y videos:

Bellota Jet-2013

Bellota Jet – Cáceres 2013 For yet another year, we have started the season at the Bellota Jet, with good friends and models. This year I took my brand new Extra 330SC Krill Model, but due to the few flights I opted to use it for just some sequence flights, and some simple manouvers, to at least show people how it looks in the air, and how amazingly precise it is. I also took the Pilot Edge 540 and as of course my Ultra Flash with JetCat P140RX, which every flight that I do I like it even more. And a great video of the master, Sebastiano Silvestri, with his new design, the AvantiS now available through Sebart And some more photos, from my friend Jose Puente, thanks for sending me these photos to share on my website: Bellota Jet – Cáceres 2013 Un año mas, hemos empezado la temporada en el Bellota Jet, con los amigos y nuestros modelos.Este año llevaba mi recién estrenado Extra 330SC de Krill Model, aunque debido a los pocos vuelos que llevaba opté por usarlo para vuelos de tabla y alguna maniobra suelta, al menos por enseñarlo. Ademas llevé el Edge 540 de Pilot y como no mi Ultra Flash con JetCat P140RX, avion que cada vez que vuelo me gusta mas. Y un video del gran maestro Sebastiano Silvestri, con su nuevo diseño, el AvantiS y disponible de Sebart Agradecer a mi amigo y gran fotógrafo José Puente, por enviarme estas fotos de su colección del Bellota para poder comprartir en mi web: /* Portfolio Options Configuration Goes Here*/ #gallery div{ margin-left: 0px !important; margin-right: 0px !important; padding-left: 0px !important; padding-right: 0px !important; -webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0); } .lg-info{ position:fixed; z-index:3; left:10px; top:10px; padding:10px; margin-right: 70px; min-width: 300px; max-width: 400px; background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); color:#FFF; font-size:16px; } .lg-info h4,.lg-info h3,.lg-info h2 { color: white; text-transform:uppercase; margin: 0px; font-size: 17px; line-height: 17px; max-height: 40px; overflow: hidden; } .lg-info p { color: white; margin-top: 4px; font-size: 13px; line-height: normal; max-height: 100px; overflow: auto; } /* Portfolio Options Configuration Goes Here*/ #gallery .tile:hover{ cursor: pointer !important; } /* - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -*/ /* Tile Hover Customizations */ /* Customize overlay background */ #gallery .crp-tile-inner .overlay, #gallery .tile .caption { background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.50196078431373) !important; } #gallery .crp-tile-inner.crp-details-bg .details { background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.50196078431373) !important; } #gallery .crp-tile-inner .details h3 { color: #ffffff; text-align: center; font-size: 18px; } #gallery .crp-tile-inner .details p { color: #ffffff; text-align: center; font-size: 11px; } #gallery .crp-tile-inner .details h3 { margin-bottom: 0px; } (function($) { var tileParams = {}; if(0) { tileParams.approxTileWidth = 250; tileParams.approxTileHeight = 250; tileParams.minTileWidth = 200; } if(0) { tileParams.addBlock2Height = 80; } jQuery('#gallery').crpTiledLayer(tileParams); $( ".crp-light-gallery" ).each(function() { var id = $( this ).attr("id"); $("#" + id).lightGallery({ mode: 'slide', useCSS: true, cssEasing: 'ease', //'cubic-bezier(0.25, 0, 0.25, 1)',// easing: 'linear', //'for jquery animation',// speed: 600, addClass: '', closable: true, loop: true, auto: false, pause: 6000, escKey: true, controls: true, hideControlOnEnd: false, preload: 1, //number of preload slides. will exicute only after the current slide is fully loaded. ex:// you clicked on 4th image and if preload = 1 then 3rd slide and 5th slide will be loaded in the background after the 4th slide is fully loaded.. if preload is 2 then 2nd 3rd 5th 6th slides will be preloaded.. ... ... showAfterLoad: true, selector: null, index: false, lang: { allPhotos: 'All photos' }, counter: false, exThumbImage: false, thumbnail: true, showThumbByDefault:false, animateThumb: true, currentPagerPosition: 'middle', thumbWidth: 150, thumbMargin: 10, mobileSrc: false, mobileSrcMaxWidth: 640, swipeThreshold: 50, enableTouch: true, enableDrag: true, vimeoColor: 'CCCCCC', youtubePlayerParams: false, // See:, videoAutoplay: true, videoMaxWidth: '855px', dynamic: false, dynamicEl: [], // Callbacks el = current plugin onOpen : function(el) {}, // Executes immediately after the gallery is loaded. onSlideBefore : function(el) {}, // Executes immediately before each transition. onSlideAfter : function(el) {}, // Executes immediately after each transition. onSlideNext : function(el) {}, // Executes immediately before each "Next" transition. onSlidePrev : function(el) {}, // Executes immediately before each "Prev" transition. onBeforeClose : function(el) {}, // Executes immediately before the start of the close process. onCloseAfter : function(el) {}, // Executes immediately once lightGallery is closed. onOpenExternal : function(el, index) { if($(el).attr('data-url')) { var href = $(el).attr("data-url"); } else { var href = $("#crp-light-gallery li").eq(index).attr('data-url'); } if(href) { crp_loadHref(href,true); }else { return false; } }, // Executes immediately before each "open external" transition. onToggleInfo : function(el) { var $info = $(".lg-info"); if($info.css("opacity") == 1){ $info.fadeTo("slow",0); }else{ $info.fadeTo("slow",1); } } // Executes immediately before each "toggle info" transition. }); }); jQuery(".tile").on('click', function (event){ if(jQuery('crp-product-buy-button')) { return false; } event.preventDefault(); if(jQuery("fa") && !jQuery("zoom")) return; var tileId = jQuery(".tile-inner", jQuery(this)).attr("id"); var target = jQuery("#crp-light-gallery-item-"+tileId); target.trigger( "click" ); }); })( jQuery ); jQuery(window).load(function() {});


SXFC – Elche 2013 Martin Pickering, champion of the SXFC 2013!! Competing against pilots from Spain, Portugal, and Israel! Second place Pedro Precioso, third place Pablo Consejo, both with very good freestyles! SXFC – Elche 2013 Martin Pickering, campeon del SXFC 2013!! Compitiendo contra los mejores pilotos de España, Portugal e Israel! Segundo Pedro Precioso y tercero Pablo Consejo ambos con muy buenas libres!

JetCat Airshow – GERMANY 2013

JetCat Airshow – GERMANY 2013 Thanks to an invite from Markus at JetCat, and with the support from JetCat Spain, we spent the last weekend at the most amazing show, the JetCat Airshow 2013, held at the MFM Mullheim in Germany. By far one of the best shows I have been to. From the level of flying from all the pilots, to the amazing planes, or the simply spectacular JetMan Yves Rossy. I took the Ultra-Flash with a JetCat P140RX and the Edge 540 by Pilot-RC, and spent the weekend surrounded by some of the best models and pilots in Europe, and with my own toys fly with them all weekend. There where all sizes of turbines, and many turbopropos and turbine powered helicopters. There where also some more traditional piston powered modelos, or even electric ones such as Sascha Fliegners 3m Sukhoi by Carf. We where able to see the Horizon Hobby team flying x6 Tomahawk L39 in formation, the Carf team, an array of 3m models by Tomahawk or Skygate, the amazingly finished models by Marc House, and much more. Due to the amount of amazing models we saw, it is almost impossible to write about it all, so here are some pictures instead. JetCat Airshow – GERMANY 2013 Gracias a una invitación de Markus de JetCat, y con el apoyo de JetCat Spain pude ir al JetCat Airshow 2013, celebrado en el club MFM Mullheim y es sin duda alguna uno de los mejores eventos a los que he asistido. Desde el nivel de vuelo de todos los pilotos, los increibles aviones, hasta el espectaculo increible de JetMan Yves Rossy o el show del hombre JetParapente! Llevando el Ultra-Flash con el JetCat P140RX, y el Edge 540 de Pilot-RC estuvimos el fin de semana rodeado de unos de los mejores modelos y pilotos de toda Europa, y nosotros con los aviones para disfrutar a tope de todo ello. Hubo aviones de turbina de todos los tamaños, bastantes turbohelices y turbohelicopteros, así como aviones mas tradicionales de motor de piston o incluso a bateria, como era el Sukhoi de 3m de Sascha Fliegner. Pudimos ver el equipo de Horizon Hobby de 6 L39 de Tomahawk volando en formación, el equipo de Carf, multitud de aviones de turbina de 3m como los de Tomahawk o Skygate, los increibles modelos de Marc House y tantisimo mas. Debido a la cantidad de cosas que vimos, es casi imposible relatarlo todo, pues que mejor que con unas fotos.

The Pilot

The basics of model flyingModel flying is a huge hobby with complex and remarkable models which are far from the "small toys" people often think about when we first mention the hobby Once you get past the common misconception of store bought toys, you will be amazed at the size, variety and capability of these model aircraft. Personally I have flown huge models of up to 80% scale of the full size and my regular every day plane to fly measures in at just under 3 meters wingspan. Jets are capable of smashing 500km/h and no matter what the model, in the right hands can put on an amazing display. Capable of putting on an airshow and performing at times, locations and even performing manoeuvres that full size aircraft can't, the possibilities are limitless. Principios del aeromodelismoEl aeromodelismo es un hobby enorme con modelos increíblemente complejos y detallados, nada que ver con los pequeños juguetes que habitualmente vienen a la cabeza cuando se menciona un avión de radio control. Una vez olvidamos los juguetes que hemos visto y entramos en el mundo del aeromodelismo, os asombraréis del tamaño, variedad y capacidad de estos modelos. Personalmente, he volado modelos de hasta el 80% del tamaño del real y el avión que vuelo a diario tiene una envergadura de caso 3 metros. Los aviones de turbina son capaces de superar los 500km/h e independientemente del modelo, en las manos adecuadas pueden realizar una exhibición increíble. Capaz de montar un espectáculo en lugares, horas e incluso maniobras, que los tripulados no pueden, existe un sin fin de posibilidades dentro del hobby. Martin Pickering – My biographyI started flying in 2002 when I was 14 following my discovery of the hobby through a static display in my town. Contrary to most young people starting, I didn't have any aeromodellers in the family so had to learn as I went along. As I progressed, despite having all the moral support from my family, I have always had to decide for myself what models to buy, how to pay for them, and then build, setup, test, adjust and on more than one occasion, repair! Despite dedicating all my free time to the hobby, my passion for flight has always grown, from when I started and all I wanted was a large scale acrobatic plane, to today when I still love acrobatics of any type, especially when it is with large scale or jets. Having won a number of Spanish championships in large scale acrobatics, as well as a number of very favorable results around Europe I have ended up doing more show flying, now not only in Spain and Europe but all over the world in other continents. I am currently known for my own style of flying, usually combining any number of maneuvers together in a small space and time, in the case of acrobatic models being rather aggressive and daring, while with jets simply being very low and very fast! My overall style could probably simply be classed as “lower!” I also collaborate with most of the biggest brands in the business, with a number of products with my name on them and that without their support I couldn't continue doing what I am doing. Martin Pickering – BiografiaEmpecé a volar en 2002 con 14 años tras descubrir este hobby por una exhibición estática en mi ciudad. Al contrario de la mayoría de gente jóven que arranca en este hobby, no tenía a ningún aeromodelista en la familia y tuve que ir aprendiendo sobre la marcha. A medida que avancé, a pesar de tener el apoyo de mi familia, siempre tuve que ser yo quien decidía qué modelos comprar, cómo pagarlos, montarlos, ajustarlos, probarlos y en más de una ocasión, repararlos! A pesar de dedicarle todo mi tiempo libre al hobby, mi pasión por el vuelo siempre ha ido a más. Desde que empecé siempre quise volar aviones acrobáticos de gran escala, y a fecha de hoy me siguen encantando, aunque ahora le sumo los aviones de turbina también. Habiendo ganado numerosas competiciones por España y resultados muy favorables por toda Europa, he terminado por realizar más exhibiciones que otra cosa, ya no sólo en España y Europa, sino otros continentes por todo el mundo. Se me conoce por tener un estilo de vuelo individual, combinando gran cantidad de maniobras en poco espacio y tiempo, en el caso de los acrobáticos con un estilo agresivo y aparentemente arriesgado aunque bajo total control, mientras que con los jets un estilo rápido y bajo. ¡Por lo general, a mi estilo lo clasifican como “lower”! Además colaboro con las marcas más grandes del hobby, ayudando en el desarrollo de más de un producto, y que sobre todo sin sus apoyos no podría hacer todo lo que hago hoy. Flying all over the worldFrom the end of 2015, and with huge support from my sponsors -especially Powerbox-Systems and PilotRc- I have gone from flying at numerous shows all over Europe, to travelling the world to the biggest and best airshows around, at some fascinating and exotic locations such as Abu-Dhabi, Beijing, Shanghai, India, Chile or SouthAfrica. All thanks to exhibitions, local celebrations or even events put on by government for national festivities. Volando por todo el mundoDesde finales de 2015, con gran apoyo de mis patrocinadores, sobre todo de Powerbox-Systems y PilotRc, he podido dar el salto de volar en España y Europa, a realizar saltos a los eventos más grandes (y lejanos!) del mundo. Habiendo volado en lugares increíbles, como son Abu-Dhabi, Pekin, Shanghai, india, Chile, SudAfrica y más. Ya sea por exhibiciones locales o incluso fiestas nacionales organizadas por gobiernos. Private airshows in priveliged locations or as guest of honourIn addition to flying at international airshows, I have flown in some rather unusual or particularly special locations and events. One of these would be flying at the Ascari race track in Ronda, the largest privately owned race track in the world, with access limited to just a select few. Another one of these cases was flying at the international airport opposite the Xtreme Air factory (where the famous Sbach 342 was built) when we had to wait for a Ryanair plane to land before being given the all clear for takeoff. Or perhaps flying at a national park in Tianjin, China to celebrate their independence, flying over water, through fountains and around trees and tents with large scale acrobats and jets. Due to my style of flying, I have also been invited to fly at events that usually I shouldn't be able to take part in. Having flown acrobatics at the 3D Helicopter World Championships, having a solo slot made for me at Jet Power, or even night flying a 100cc plane at 2am in Germany, something completely prohibited due to noise restrictions! Exhibiciones privadas en lugares privilegiadas o como invitado de honorAdemás de volar en eventos internacionales, he volado en algunos sitios muy inusuales y espectaculares.Uno de estos fue elcircuito de velocidad Ascari en Ronda, el circuito privado más grande del mundo ycon entrada limitada a unos pocos. Otro caso fue volando en el aeropuerto internacional frente a la fábrica de Xtreme Air (dónde sefabricaba el famoso Sbach342)donde tuvimos que esperar a que aterrice un Ryanair antes de podersalir a volar. O tal vez la ocasión que volamos en elparque nacional de Tianjin, China en su fiesta nacional para la celebración del aniversario de su independencia, volando por encima de un lago, alrededor de fuentes y esquivando árboles y carpas. Debido a mi estilo de vuelo, además he sido invitado a volar en eventos donde habitualmente no estaría permitido. He volado aviones en en Campeonato del Mundo de Helicopteros 3D en Francia, permitir unsolo slot en en JetPower o incluso volar un avión de gran escala de gasolina a las 2am en Alemania,¡algo totalmente prohibido por las restricciones nocturnas de ruido! Competition success at home and away Despite currently only flying exhibitions, I have also spent many years flying competitions, gaining dozens of podium wins both in Spain and internationally. #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523{ overflow:hidden; display:block; width:100%; border:0px solid #000; margin-bottom:20px; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress{ height: 5px; border-radius: 0; box-shadow: none; margin-bottom: 30px; overflow: visible; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress .wpsm_progress-pro-bar { background: #e5e5e5; box-shadow: 0 1px 2px hsla(0, 0%, 0%, 0.1) inset; height:4px; margin-bottom: 20px; margin-top: 25px; position: relative; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress .wpsm_progress-title{ font-size: 18px; font-weight: 300; font-family: Open Sans; color: #000000; position: relative; top: -28px; z-index: 1; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress .wpsm_progress-value{ float: right; margin-top: -30px; font-size: 18px; font-weight: 300; color: #ffffff; font-style: normal; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress .wpsm_progress-bar { background-color: #3398da; display: block; width: 0; height: 100%; position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; transition: width 1s linear 0s; animation: animate-positive 2s; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress .wpsm_progress-bar:before { content: ""; background-color: hsl(0, 0%, 100%); border-radius: 50%; width: 4px; height: 4px; position: absolute; right: 1px; top: 0; z-index: 1; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress .wpsm_progress-bar:after { content: ""; width: 14px; height: 14px; background-color : #c1c1c1; border-radius: 50%; position: absolute; right: -4px; top: -5px; } @-webkit-keyframes animate-positive{ 0% { width: 0%; } } @keyframes animate-positive{ 0% { width: 0%; } } 4 Times Spanish Champion F3M/IMAC – Large scale acrobatics 100% 2 Times Runner up France Championships FXFC 50% Champion of Portugal F3S – Acrobatics with jets 65% Prize for best of show 40 aniversary Servo74 Alemania 85% International airshows in Dubai, China, Chile, South Africa, India… 100% And many more... Éxitos y logros nacionales e internacionales A pesar de que ahora esté centrado en las exhibiciones, además he estado muchos años compitiendo, logrando docenas de premios y podiums allá por donde fuera. #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523{ overflow:hidden; display:block; width:100%; border:0px solid #000; margin-bottom:20px; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress{ height: 5px; border-radius: 0; box-shadow: none; margin-bottom: 30px; overflow: visible; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress .wpsm_progress-pro-bar { background: #e5e5e5; box-shadow: 0 1px 2px hsla(0, 0%, 0%, 0.1) inset; height:4px; margin-bottom: 20px; margin-top: 25px; position: relative; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress .wpsm_progress-title{ font-size: 18px; font-weight: 300; font-family: Open Sans; color: #000000; position: relative; top: -28px; z-index: 1; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress .wpsm_progress-value{ float: right; margin-top: -30px; font-size: 18px; font-weight: 300; color: #ffffff; font-style: normal; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress .wpsm_progress-bar { background-color: #3398da; display: block; width: 0; height: 100%; position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; transition: width 1s linear 0s; animation: animate-positive 2s; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress .wpsm_progress-bar:before { content: ""; background-color: hsl(0, 0%, 100%); border-radius: 50%; width: 4px; height: 4px; position: absolute; right: 1px; top: 0; z-index: 1; } #wpsm_progress_b_row_4523 .wpsm_progress .wpsm_progress-bar:after { content: ""; width: 14px; height: 14px; background-color : #c1c1c1; border-radius: 50%; position: absolute; right: -4px; top: -5px; } @-webkit-keyframes animate-positive{ 0% { width: 0%; } } @keyframes animate-positive{ 0% { width: 0%; } } 4 Times Spanish Champion F3M/IMAC – Large scale acrobatics 100% 2 Times Runner up France Championships FXFC 50% Champion of Portugal F3S – Acrobatics with jets 65% Prize for best of show 40 aniversary Servo74 Alemania 85% International airshows in Dubai, China, Chile, South Africa, India… 100% And many more... 2002 2004 2005 2006 2007 – I 2007 – II 2008 2010 2011 2013 2014 2015 2016 2002 First contact with aeromodelling, at a static display in Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain 2004 First ever exhibition, at La Marina, Alicante, Spain 2005 First competition, Tabala Funfly(winner), Murcia, Spain 2006 First competition, Tabala Funfly(winner), Murcia, Spain 2007 – I First time Spanish Champion IMAC/F3M 2007 – II First ever IMAC/F3M win, Asturias, Spain 2008 Double Spanish Champion IMAC/F3M 2010 First event outside Spain, German Acro Masters 2011 Triple Spanish Champion- SXFC 2013 Four Times Spanish Champion-SXFC 2014 FIrst time shipping model to an airshow – Weston Park – UK 2015 First time outside Europe – Tianjin Airshow – China.With Poerbox – Systems 2016 Events In Indiad, Chile, South Africa, China Collaborations within the hobbyApart from the flying and the shows, I work closely with a number of brands to develop, test and promote a series of new products. Many of these you can find within my sponsors section. There will also be interesting updates to this area very soon. I also collaborate with the well known Spanish magazine Aerotec. For them I write about events, models and have even had a special edition published exclusively with my articles, called the Escuela de Acrobacia, by Martin Pickering (Acrobatic Flight School, by Martin Pickering)Colaboraciones dentro del hobbyAparte de los vuelos, trabajo de cerca con un buen número de marcas para probar, desarrollar y promocionar sus productos. Muchos de estos encontraréis en la sección de Sponsors. Además hay novedades constantes en esta área. Colaboro también con la conocida revista Hispanohablante Aerotec. Publicándose artículos sobre eventos, modelos, e incluso una edición especial compuesta únicamente por artículos míos sobre técnicas de vuelo conocido como Escuela de Acrobacia, por Martin Pickering. #wpsm_counter_b_row_4521 .wpsm_counterbox { text-align:center; margin-top:50px; margin-bottom:50px; } #wpsm_counter_b_row_4521 .wpsm_counterbox .wpsm_count-icon{ display:block; margin-top:20px; padding-top:0px; padding-bottom:0px; margin-bottom:0px; margin:0 auto; } #wpsm_counter_b_row_4521 .wpsm_counterbox .wpsm_count-icon i{ font-size:70px; color:#dd3333; } #wpsm_counter_b_row_4521 .wpsm_counterbox .wpsm_number{ font-size:40px; font-weight:400; color:#555555; font-family:'Open Sans'; letter-spacing:2px; margin-top:20px; line-height: 1.3em; padding-top:0px; padding-bottom:0px; margin-bottom:0px; } #wpsm_counter_b_row_4521 .wpsm_counterbox .wpsm_count-title{ font-size:18px; font-weight:bolder; font-family:'Open Sans'; letter-spacing:2px; color: #555555; font-weight:400; margin-top:20px; padding-top:0px; padding-bottom:0px; margin-bottom:0px; line-height: 1.3em; } #wpsm_counter_b_row_4521 { position:relative; width:100%; overflow:hidden; text-align:center; } #wpsm_counter_b_row_4521 .wpsm_row{ overflow:hidden; display:block; width:100%; } #wpsm_counter_b_row_4521 .wpsm_row{ overflow:visible; } #wpsm_counter_b_row_4521 .wpsm_counterbox .wpsm_count-title{ min-height:56px; }} 30 Champion 70 Podiums 600000 Youtube


POWERBOX-SYSTEMSWithout a Powerbox-Systems has established themselves as the world leaders for powerboxes and electrical components in this wonderful hobby. Their product range is vast and for a large variety of models, however aimed mostly at the top end of the spectrum, for large models with complex guidance systems, such as large scale aerobatic models, fast and scale jets, large gliders or ultra precise F3A modelsPOWERBOX-SYSTEMSIndiscutiblemente Powerbox-Systems se ha plantado como el líder mundial de centralitas y componentes eléctricos para el aeromodelismo, con una variedad de componentes disponibles aunque principalmente diseñados para el aeromodelismo a gran escala. Read More PILOTRCIn my opinion, the most fun planes to fly and with the best flight characteristics of any plane currently on the market. Made from wood and covered in film, they offer a very low overall weight allowing for truly breathtaking manoeuvrability and an unlimited array of tricks, from the most precise to the most aggressive and extreme.PILOTRCBajo mi opinión, los aviones más divertidos y con mejores cualidades de vuelo del mercado a día de hoy. Fabricados en madera entelado, ofrecen un peso en orden de vuelo muy reducido aún con una resistencia para las maniobras más extremas. Si estos modelos aguantan mi estilo de vuelo, lo pueden aguantar todo! Read More MKS ServosMKS only offer top end servos and those with speciality uses. With some of the most powerful servos on the market at incredible speeds, for me they are the servo to beat. Initially focused on glider servos, they cornered that market and quickly became world champions in every category. Following on from this success they set their sights on helicopters where again they became the servo of choice for all the top pilots.MKS ServosMKS ofrece únicamente servos de alta gama y con utilidades especialistas. Con servos de los más potentes del mercado a velocidades increíbles para mi gusto son el líder de servos en este momento. Read More GP ENGINESGP Engines is owned and run by well known acrobatic champion Tzu-Chu Lin (AKA “Fergie”). Thanks to this, GP know exactly what is needed to produce an engine with really great acrobatic capabilities, with one of the worlds best pilots “in house” able to test them to the limits to assure power, reliability and great acrobatic performance.GP ENGINESGP Engines es la marca de motores del campeón acrobático Tzu-Chu Lin (Fergie) Gracias a sus conocimientos y la ventaja de disponer de un piloto de su calibre “en casa” han logrado producirunos motores que no solo tienen una gran potencia y fiabilidad, sino además están perfectamente optimizados para el vuelo acrobático. Read More JETCATJetCat, not much more needs to be said. They always have been and will continue being the world leaders in turbines. With amazing simplicity of install and fly, without complications or problems, just go have fun, what we all want from a turbine!JETCATDe JetCat no queda mucho que decir. Siempre han sido, y seguirán siendo los líderes en el sector de motores de turbina. Con la facilidad de llegar e instalar, sin complicaciones, ajustes ni problemas, sólo llenar depósito y volar! Read More OPTIPOWERThe Opti range covers everything to “feed” our models, be it with the best batteries with real “C” discharge ratings without decay or puffing up, glow fuel using only the best oils, as well as accessories such as their smoke oil range, oils for Gas and Turbine engines or cleaning products.OPTIPOWERLa gama Opti cubre todo lo que sea la “alimentación” de nuestros modelos, ya sea con las mejores baterías con “C” de descarga reales y sin hincharse, combustibles glow de la más alta calidad, o accesorios adicionales como son el líquido de humo, aceites para gasolina y keroseno o productos de limpieza para los modelos. Read More ELECTRON RETRACTSElectric retracts are the future, without the problems of air leaks or lack of pressure. Electron Retracts has been the first brand to produce a system using this new concept developing a truly reliable retract system that is strong, resistant and efficient, being used in ever more models. With new setups including a gyro breaking to avoid skidding or their latest electric pistons, they really are a one stop solution to all your needs.ELECTRON RETRACTSLos trenes eléctricos son el futuro, sin los problemas de fugas de aire y pérdidas de presiones. Electron Retracts ha sido la primera marca en realmente demostrar que los trenes eléctricos son un sistema viable, fiable, eficaz y se están implantando cada vez más en el mercado de las turbinas. Read More MTW-SILENCERMy first sponsor that was not a shop, was MTW-Silencer. Producing exhausts, tuned pipes, headers all looking for the most power from our engines, while maintaining a linear throttle curve and being as silent as possible. All backed by the stamp made in Germany.MTW-SILENCERMi primer patrocinador que no fuera una tienda, fabrican tubarros, codos y resonadores para nuestros motores de gasolina, buscando siempre la mayor potencia, con una progresión lineal y con el menor ruido posible. Todo con la garantía de calidad Alemana. Read More G-FORCE AIRCRAFTG-Force Aircraft Design, is a Spanish manufacturer that produces among other things the scale pilots that I use in all my acrobatic models. They are without a doubt the best scale pilots available today, and the result once installed in the model speaks for itself. G-FORCE AIRCRAFTG-Force Aircraft Design, es un fabricante Español que produce entre otras cosas los pilotos a escala que llevo en todos los modelos acrobáticos. Son sin duda los mejores muñecos disponibles a día de hoy, y el resultado una vez instalado en el modelo habla por sí solo. Read More REVOCWe always look to protect our models, using the best electronic components, engines, glues, etc… But what about where our models often suffer the most, transport? Revoc provide a solution that every plane needs, padded wing bags for all flying surfaces and fuselage. With simple version in a single colour and size, to fully custom made to measure and color scheme matching, take a look at their website to see what they can do! REVOCSiempre pensamos en proteger nuestros modelos, siempre gastando los mejores componentes mecánicos y eléctricos así como todos sus respectivos accesorios. Pero a veces se nos pasa que el mayor daño a los modelos suele ocurrir en el transporte. Read More SECRAFTProducer of all those small metal parts that we all need for our models, whether its servo arms, speciality washers, non-slip wing bolts, wheel axels, tail gears or any one of thousands of supports, they have it all.SECRAFTFabricante de todas esas pequeñas partes metálicas que necesitamos en todos los modelos, ya sean brazos de servo, arandelas especiales, tornillos de alas, ejes de ruedas, trenes de cola o mil y una soportes, lo tienen todo. Read More ABACO ADVISERSAbaco Advisers is the legal firm where I have worked for the past 10 years and I am currently responsible for the Financial Department, as well as being entrusted with having Power of Attorney. ABACO ADVISERSAbaco Advisers es el despacho/asesoría donde llevo trabajando los últimos 10 años y actualmente soy el responsable del Departamento Financiero, así como apoderado del mismo. Read More CURRENCIES DIRECTCurrencies Direct is a Company that deals exclusively with currency Exchange, and allows clients to make a significant saving when compared to the same transaction if completed through the Banks.CURRENCIES DIRECTCurrencies Direct es una empresa de cambio de divisa, que permite un ahorro importante en sus cambios de divisa comparado con el cambio que puedas realizar con tu banco. Regulados por las mismas instituciones financieras que los bancos, el cambio es totalmente legal y seguro,simplemente indícanos qué moneda tienes, y cual quieres, y te ofrecen el mejor tipo disponible. Read More CMJetsCMJets is the go to company when you need a kevlar fuel/smoke tank. With options to include the smoke and even hopper tanks into the same piece, there are options to suit everyone.CMJetsCMJets es la empresa de Carlos Marquez, y se dedica casi en exclusiva a la fabricación de depósitos de combustible/humo en kevlar. Incluso con opciones de integrar depósito de humo y o hopper todo dentro de la misma pieza. Read More OPALE PARAMODELSOpale Paramodels is the highest name in quality RC Paramotors and parachute models. Following the same construction methods and materials as the full size, these models need to be seen to be understood. Sure the number of wires can be scary, but with just 5 minutes of initial guidance success is all but guaranteed. With models from just over a meter wingspan all the way up to over five meters there is something for everyone. Stay tuned for photos and videos as I put together mine in the coming weeks!CMJetsOpale Paramodels es el líder del sector en cuanto a Paramodelos de RC, tanto Parapentes como paracaidistas. Siguiente los mismos métodos y materiales de construcción que los tripulados, hay que ver los modelos paraapreciar el trabajo que le han dedicado.