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Powerbox-Systems - Connectores Powerbox-Systems – Connectors

Powerbox-Systems – Connectors Pre-made extension wires are great, and can really save time whenever needed.  That said though, trying to have sufficient stock of all the different lengths needed is not easy, and even then they are still normally a bit too long or short. Making your own can seem difficult to start with, but after just a few it becomes a matter of seconds to finish a connector, not to mention the cost saving compared to buying ready done versions. You can buy these from many different places in different qualities, and even though the Powerbox-Systems version is obviously going to be top quality, they also have a nice feature, in the color… Being transparent, you can see exactly where the pins are, if the connector has gone in correctly, and with time, if there is a problem with any part of the connector, such as any discoloration etc… They do need a crimping tool as well, but as a one off purchase that is not a biggie, and compared to the cost of ready made connectors, it is a worthy investment. Just don’t go with the cheapest “pliers” style crimper, as this will close but not “curl” the tabs on the connectors. A good quality version, such as the one by Powerbox is more of a ratchet type, and guarantees equal pressure and the strength giving curl! Powerbox-Systems – Connectores Alargaderas ya terminadas son geniales y pueden ahorrar un montón de tiempo. Dicho esto, tener suficiente stock de todas las diferentes longitudes no es fácil ni barato, además de que suelen seguir siendo algo largas o cortas. Hacerlas tu mismo puede sonar difícil, pero una vez hayas realizado unos pocos, verás que es cuestión de segundos por cada conector, además del ahorro que puede suponer. Se pueden comprar de diferentes sitios y en diferentes calidades, y aunque el de Powerbox-Systems está claro que van a ser de buena calidad, además tienen un detalle a su favor, en el color… Al ser transparentes, se puede ver exactamente dónde están los pines, si el conector ha entrado al máximo, y cuando pase tiempo, también se puede ver si se ha descolorido el conector o tiene algún tipo de problema… Sí que vas a necesitar una crimpadora, pero esto es una compra que te vale de por vida, y comparado con lo que va a ahorrar cuando empieces a hacer los conectores, es una buena inversión. Un único consejo, no comprar la crimpadora barata de tipo “alicates” ya que no pliega hacia adentro los cantos del conector. Una buena crimpadora es como la de Powerbox, que es de tipo carraca, garantiza la misma presión siempre y da muchísima fuerza al conector una vez pliega los cantos!

GP Engines: Separadores GP Engines: Standoff

GP Engines: Standoff Produced by Gonzo Hobbies in Dubai, under authority by GP Engines, I have started using these stand offs, adding that extra level of finish to my models compared to simply using a series of washers. Available in a variety of sizes, they come complete with long bolts, nuts, inside washers and rubber washers that just help reduce slightly any vibrations from being sent back down the fuselage. All in all, a very neat accessory to have and use. Already installed in my Pilot-RC Lasers, will be keeping to this system for future builds too. GP Engines: Separadores Fabricado por Gonzo Hobbies en Dubai, con permiso de GP Engines. He empezado a usar estos separadores, añadiendo otro nivel de calidad de acabado a mis modelos, mucho mejor que el simple uso de una serie de arandelas. Disponible en diversas longitudes, vienen completos con los tornillos, tuercas, arandelas y unas arandelas de goma que se montan por dentro para ayudar a reducir las vibraciones que transmite el motor al resto del modelo. En general, un accesorio de primera. Habiendo instalado ya dos juegos en mis Laser de Pilot-RC, seguiré con este sistema para futuros montajes también. /* Portfolio Options Configuration Goes Here*/ #gallery div{ margin-left: 0px !important; margin-right: 0px !important; padding-left: 0px !important; padding-right: 0px !important; -webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0); } .lg-info{ position:fixed; z-index:3; left:10px; top:10px; padding:10px; margin-right: 70px; min-width: 300px; max-width: 400px; background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); color:#FFF; font-size:16px; } .lg-info h4,.lg-info h3,.lg-info h2 { color: white; text-transform:uppercase; margin: 0px; font-size: 17px; line-height: 17px; max-height: 40px; overflow: hidden; } .lg-info p { color: white; margin-top: 4px; font-size: 13px; line-height: normal; max-height: 100px; overflow: auto; } /* Image 01 [ start ] */ .image01 .crp-tile-img { transition-property: transform, filter, -webkit-filter; transition-duration: .3s, .3s, .3s; transition-delay: 0s, 0s, 0s; } /* Zoom In */ .image01 .crp-tile-img { -webkit-transform: scale(1); 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Pilot-RC: Extra 330Sc (92″)

Extra 330Sc (92″) I was fortunate enough to get to fly the first prototype 92″ Extra 330SC by PilotRC when I was in Shanghai at the end of 2015, and even though I am not normally a fan of 50-60cc airframes (proof of which the fact that I havent had one for years!) I actually really enjoyed this one. It flew almost like my 107″ version, which was a great surprise! So yes, finally there is a 50-60cc size plane that actually flys as it should, almost like a 100ccer! Pilot-RC really have done a great job with this one…. And like all 50-60cc it fits well in almost any car, you dont need help to manouver it at home or at the field and quite a bit cheaper than its larger scale counterparts Simply brilliant! Extra 330Sc (92″) Tuve la suerte de poder probar el primer prototipo del Extra 330SC de PilotRC de 92″ cuando estuve en Shanghai a finales de 2015, y aunque no tengo mucha costumbre de volar aviones de 50-60cc ya que por lo general no me gustan (prueba de ello que llevo años sin tener ninguno!) debo reconocer que me sorprendió gratamente las cualidades de vuelo que tenía. Volaba prácticamente como mi 107″ pero más tirón de motor, impresionante! Cómo ha podido por fin salir un 50-60cc que vuela realmente bien, casi como un 100cc? Pues eso es lo que Pilot-RC ha conseguido con este Extra 33SC. Cabe bien en el coche, no ocupa sitio, se puede maniobrar y manejar sin necesidad de ayuda, y su coste es bastante inferior a su hermano mayor que lleva el dóble de motor y varios servos más. Todo son ventajas! Upon returning to Spain, along with Emilio from AcroRc we built the second prototype, and its even better! It is now in production, watch the video and you will see why! The whole plane is designed to acheive the best flight specs and the result is just that. Whatever you tell it to do, it does it! These kits are now being sent out to all local dealers, so if you are looking for a new 50-60cc plane, this is your one, contact your local dealer! For Spain you can contact Emilio at Enjoy! Al volver a España, junto con Emilio de AcroRc hemos montado el segundo prototipo, y ya le hemos dado el visto bueno, ¡en el video veréis porqué! Todo el avión está diseñado para sacar el máximo rendimiento en vuelo, y el resultado es justo esto. Mandes lo que mandes hacer, el avión te lo hace. A partir de ahora, se están empezando a mandar estos nuevos Extra a los distribuidores de PilotRC, por lo que si buscas un buen avión para un 50-60cc, encarga el tuyo ya! Para España, podéis contactar con A volar!!

Anji, Shanghai – CHINA 2016

Anji, Shanghai – CHINA 2016This year we returned to Anji, close to Shanghai for the UAV GP, this time with a Jet Formation Cup all organized by the Chinese Government and Powerbox-Systems.Unfortunately the weather wasnt kind to us and we had low cloud cover and rain throughout the event. That said, everyone did a great job in flying when there were gaps or reduced rain fall, allowing the event to go ahead and perform the necessary flights for a winner to be crowned. To start with, here is a video of the week. It is filmed when the weather was at its best, so you can imagine what it was like the rest of the time!Anji, Shanghai – CHINA 2016Este año volvimos a Anji, cerca de Shanghai para el UAV GP esta vez con copa de vuelo en formación de turbinas, todo organizado por el gobierno chino y Powerbox-Systems. Por desgracia el tiempo no acompañó, lluviendo de manera continuada durante todos los días del evento. No obstante, en rachas de poca lluvia y cuando la visibilidad lo permtiría, logramos dar un número de vuelos suficientes como para poder llevar al cabo el evento e importantemente la competición. Para empezar, aquí teneis un video con un poco de todo del fin de semana. Esta grabado en los momentos en los que sí pudimos volar, imaginar cómo era cuando no!

Memorial Sebastián Almagro – Córdoba 2016

Memorial Sebastián Almagro - Córdoba 2016 One of my favourite events of the year is the Memorial Sebastián Almagro, held in Faasa, in Palma del Río, Córdoba. This year would be no exception, taking with my a brand new PilotRc 107” Extra, with an amazing spec and of course my trusted Jets Model Factory Ultimatun. In addition, for some added fun, I also had with me my PilotRc 92” Extra. This event, held at the Faasa Aerodrome, with an 800m long runway and no real obstacles to be seen is a truly amazing place to fly, especially when flying fast jets at low altitude. The crowd are also great, really getting involved in the flights making lots of noise and enticing the pilots to really push their abilities to the max. The show-stopper this year was without a doubt Victor Calvo’s +60kg F16. Few models have the size of this one, and even fewer have the flying style and realism that this one does. One of my favourite moments this year was actually after the show, when to my surprise I was allowed to hover (only hover!) inside the hangar, the rest you can see in the video!

Walker Bay Radio Flyers – SOUTH AFRICA 2016

Walker Bay Radio Flyers - SOUTH AFRICA 2016 A brand new event in the calendar this year was the Walker Bay Radio Flyers Extravaganza, held close to Hermanus in South Africa. Along with Tony Tan from PilotRc, Tzu Chu Lin “Fergie” from GP Engines and the Reds Duo, Steve and Matt Bishop from the UK, we all travelled to a new continent for us. We were welcomed by Terry and Canzius, the two main organizers of the event, and who made us feel perfectly at home during the entire event. Tony had sent two Extra 330SC 107” models in the months before, for Fergie and I to fly, so upon arrival the first thing to do was get them all set up and running. Once we arrived on site, a very busy but welcoming group of flyers were there, putting the finishing touches on the preparations ready to start the show the next day. My test flight didn’t go as well as we would have liked, as seemingly I was provided with unmixed fuel, resulting in the brand new GP 123cc engine needing a complete overhaul after just half a flight. Fortunately we were able to bring the plane down without any significant damage and Fergie was able to get the engine back together and running in no time at all. During the show days there was off the peg flying for anyone who wanted to, with loose slots for the invited international pilots, with one of them flying roughly every 45 minutes. It was nice to see that the locals were not put off flying and they themselves put on a great show, especially Louie with both his large Pilot Decathlon or his very special one off Breitling Extra 330. During our acrobatic solo slots, Fergie and I both had great fun really pushing our Extras and each other to the limits. This was shown by some of the scratches on my Extra from scraping the tarmac, Fergie loosing half a wing in a way too low rolling harrier, or the fact that in consecutive flights we both managed to pull out elevator hinges after touching in knife edge! The Reds Duo, and the team around them made up of Tristen (now known as Bob), Terry and Mike, all did an outstanding job, utter professionalism on the flight line and successfully executing close formation flights upon demand, often bringing a tear to more than the odd spectator. In the evenings there were bands playing, loads of electric night flying, and myself flying a firework loaded 100cc Extra in complete darkness. Words can’t describe how well my night show went, the fireworks simply worked, on cue, every time and with spectacular results. All in all, a great show, shared with brilliant friends, both old and new, just a shame that it had to come to an end, although I am sure it won’t be the last time we hear of the event.

Lleida Air Show – Lleida 2016

Lleida Air Show – Lleida 2016 This year we had a new event in the calendar, the Lleida Air Show. The idea for the event was to group together some pilot frirends and have fun doing what we do best. With 30 to 35 pilots, and voluntary 5 minute slots everyone could fly as much or as little as they wanted. The Lleida club has a very nice runway, surprisingly wide or disproportionately short, at 130 or 140m its more tan enough to land any type of model in, but with tres on either side did require some extra attention when flying fast jets in low altitude. Marc Sánchez led the event and did a great job, with help from his father Xavi and flight director Ton Robinat who was also displaying his new line or wingbags at the event. I went with Vito and Mari from CentroRcLevante, flying my Extra 330Sc 92” and Ultimatun, with Vito flying his huge Piper, Extra and helis. A fun and relaxed event, all be it rather hot! Lleida Air Show – Lleida 2016 Este año hemos asistido a un evento nuevo del calendario, el Lleida Air Show. La idea era simplemente reunir a amigos pilotos para disfrutar de un fin de semana de vuelos, y así ha sido. Con unos 30-35 pilotos, y franjas de vuelo de 5 minutos todo el que quería volar, podía, y las veces que quisiera sin problema alguno. La pista del Club Aeromodelismo Lleida dispone de una pista muy ancha, pero no tan larga, tal vez unos 130 o 140m, más que suficiente para volar cualquier aeromodelo habitual, pero con arboles a ambos lados los modelos más rápidos necesitaban llevar cuidado con las pasadas especialmente bajas. Marc Sánchez dirigía el evento e hizo un trabajo estupendo, con la ayuda de su padre Xavi, y los jueces de pista que incluían a Ton Robinat quien además exponía su nueva gama de fundas. Yo asisté con Vito y Mari de CentroRcLevante con mi Extra 330SC 92” y mi UltimaTun, y Vito con su gran Piper, Extra y helis.

Invierno Electrico - Murcia 2016 Electric Winter – Murcia 2016

Electric Winter – Murcia 2016Each year in Murcia they hold an event for exclusively electric models, and this year the dates fit well so I could take part. We have spent a good day flying hardly making any noise… Apart from my Extras that is, that for the day where classed as electric… (they have batteries inside, so that counts, right?!) With Vito from Centro Rc Levante we represented the brand OptiPower at the event, with pretty much every size battery going! There where drone races at a rather cool circuit out back. Unfortunately chaos with the frequencies resulted in most of the races not even finishing due to interferance in the video feeds. Even so, we had a good time zooming our quads even if we did break a few props! Once the event was over, I was honoured with the prize for the most spectacular flight, so thanks to the organizers for that!!Electric Winter – Murcia 2016Cada año en Murcia se celebra un evento exclusivo de eléctricos, y este año me cuadró para poder ir. Hemos pasado un dia agradable de vuelos sin hacer apenas rudio… Excepto mis extras, que para el día fueron considerados eléctricos… (llevan baterias dentro, eso cuenta no?!) Junto con Vito de Centro Rc Levante, estuvimos además representanto las baterias OptiPower en prácticamente todas sus medidas! Hubo carreras de drones en un circuito que se había preparado bastante chulo. Por desgracia hubo algo de descontrol de frecuencias y muchas carreras no se terminaron por interferencias. Aún así en los ratos buenos lo pasamos genial y rompimos unas cuantas hélices!! Finalizado el evento, fui honrado con el premio al vuelo más espectácular. Gracias!!

Ahmedabad – INDIA 2016

Ahmedabad – INDIA 2016Ok so its February, time to get the 2016 show season off to a start! And what a way to do it, travelling to Ahmebadad – India! Unlike most shows that I have done before, this time I was going in representation of Powerbox-Systems to help the locals install and setup their Powerbox and iGyro units, followed by some in flight setup and hopefully teach them along the way. With three flights to get there (Alicante-Madrid-Dubai-Ahmebadad) it took a full day, arriving at 4am ready to get to work at the field! Having arrived in India I met up with my great hosts for the week, Udayab and Varun. We then went to the flying site where we would spend most of the following week, programming, adjusting and over all flying all of them. The week went by very quicky, with very comfortable temperatures, good food and brilliant company with new friends.Ahmedabad – INDIA 2016Estando en Febrero, creo que ya toca arrancar la temporada de vuelo 2016! Y de qué manera! Viajando hasta Ahmenbadad – India! En esta ocasión, no era para una exhibición, sino como representante de Powerbox-Systems para instalar y programar sistemas Powerbox, realizar las pruebas y ajustes de vuelo así como cursar sobre vuelo acrobático con el fin de mejorar las habilidades de los pilotos. With three flights to get there (Alicante-Madrid-Dubai-Ahmebadad) it took a full day, arriving at 4am ready to get to work at the field! Having arrived in India I met up with my great hosts for the week, Udayab and Varun. We then went to the flying site where we would spend most of the following week, programming, adjusting and over all flying all of them. The week went by very quicky, with very comfortable temperatures, good food and brilliant company with new friends. As well as the serious part of the trip, there where many crazy moments when all was let loose, such as flying the 50cc plane while sitting down, or flying a 100cc plane under and through the covered pitts area! By the end of the week, as well as having the planes well programmed and set up, the level of flying had increased significantly, performing many new manouvers, which even though further practice will help smoothen them out, the main part-actually being able to do the manouvers- had succesfully been completed, the whole reason for the trip. Overall, a great success, and looking forward to repeating the experience. Además de la parte seria, hubieron muchos momentos locos, como las de volar el 50cc sentado desde la silla, pasando debajo del tendido eléctrico o pasando el 100cc debajo del techado del hangar! Al final de la semana, además de tener los aviones programados y ajustados, el nivel de vuelo había subido considerablemente, realizando muchas maniobras nuevas, que vale que necesitan más práctica y refinamiento, pero salen y salen bien, que era de lo que se trataba la visita. Todo un éxito para todos, y con ganas de volver en un futuro.

CACH – Chile 2016

CACH - Chile 2016 Through Powerbox-Systems, I was invited to attend the bi-annual CACH Airshow in Chile, with the opportunity to just turn up and fly, without need to ship a model. I would travel with good friend Ralph Losemann from Germany. Not really knowing what to expect, and with Ralph not having visited Chile before either, we were both amazed once we arrived at the flying site. This place wasn't a scrap of land, it was a paradise for model flyers! It turned out, that the previous club was in the centre of Chile, and as the city grew, it became too dangerous to fly. In the years that they had owned the club, the land had been reclassified from agricultural to buildable, and as such increased in value exponentially. The result, 12 million dollars becoming available to buy and build a new club. As such, the club owns hectares upon hectares of land, so you actually always fly within the plot. It has multiple very long tarmac runways surrounded by grass, each with their own pitts area with running water, electricity and even mini control tower! In the central area of the club are dozens of shipping containers used to store, build and repair models on site. Not only that, but also has its own on site restaurant, boat lake, x4 rc car circuits and even go-kart circuit! Put it on your bucket list, if you like flying or modelling, you need to visit this place! The hospitality couldn't have been better either, Ralph and I were made to feel at home with everything that we did, as well as eating like kings. The event itself saw locals visit the field, and even bus loads of children taking a school trip out on the Friday to visit the show. I flew the models of Nico and Arie Gulfenstein, a great father and son team. Nico, AKA "NicoShow!" is a great pilot in his own right, having also competed at events such as the XFC in USA. They kindly allowed me to fly their J10 and Pilot-Rc Extra 330Sc. Ralph didnt have a great show, due to having a problem with his J10 causing him not to be able to continue flying, however Nico once again saved the day providing Ralph with his version, so the show could continue. I was also fortunate enough to be offered to fly the vide-president's Ultra Flash, which must be one of the fastest Ultra's I have ever flown and loved it! I also flew a Mig15 and was asked to assist in fine tuning it and was challenged to try and land it without bouncing! A few flights later and a few changes to set up, had both the challenge met and a very happy owner. All in all, it was a really great trip, even if it was only a short one. Very happy memories and I hope to return very soon! Chile 2016